Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

This last week was rough due to a persistant stomach flu….but Dayla’s first Christmas was a lot of fun. We can’t fly by the holiday without posting some pictures! Christmas Eve was spent appreciating the fact that we don’t have a “White Christmas” in southern California. Dayla went in the pool for the first time. After about 10 minutes she figured out how to splash. Due to the fact that she was only splashing herself, she both loved and hated this experience. Christmas Day felt less eventful since after about 10 minutes Dayla was ready for her nap. Oh well. We did snap a couple pics though…
Pool Time

Dayla and her only Great Grandparent…Grandma Sundin

James loves his first gift!

Dayla gets a pair of pink converse! yum….

“Present opening pooped me out.”

Tough Week

We had a tough week.
Ginette went back to work after a 4-month hiatus and we took Dayla to day care for the first time. On top of that Ginette got a nasty stomach flu on Christmas Eve which she is just recovering from. We have some Christmas pictures to post but have been neglecting the blog because of the busy week. To hold you over here is a close-up of Dayla I took tonight.

Dayla Turns 4 Months Old Today!

It has been so fun watching Dayla grow these past 4 months and I can’t wait to see how she will continue to grow into a little girl. Below are the comparison pictures from the past 4 months, but first:
Some new feats since month 3…

  • Making eye contact with you and smiling.
  • Laughing…not just when you are extra silly, but the other morning Daniel and I heard her laughing in her crib all by herself.
  • Rolling like a roley-poley. She can roll from her stomach to her back and her back to her stomach. Although I have noticed that she can only roll to the right. Hmm…
  • Grabbing items and holding on for dear life.
  • Not only pushing herself up when she is on her stomach, but can look all around when she’s there.
  • Putting everything in her mouth
  • Drooling even more! If I put her in her Bumbo chair, there will literally be a pool of drool about 1/2 inch deep to the side of it in about 3 minutes! (she leans to the right in her chair too).

One Month

Two Months (look hard, see I’m a little longer!)

Three Months (a little chubbier…)

Four Months (now I am even longer and I can roll!)

December Photo Project – Day 16 and 17

For all you who are actually checking our site everyday, I am sorry we didn’t post yesterday. I did take pictures of Dayla yesterday and just forgot to post them! First, here is Dayla wearing these things called “baby legs”. I love these things…they are like baby leg-warmers. I mean who didn’t love their leg warmers? I got gifted a bunch of 3-6 month dresses, so these will keep little Dayla’s legs warm while she wears her dresses during winter. 🙂

And a picture Daniel took of me in the car tonight …

December Photo Project – Day 14

Dayla’s friend Haley came over to play. They are still only mildy aware of each other’s existence at this point.
Here they are chilling on the couch.

While Haley drank her bottle Dayla hung out with Dad in her Bumbo. She is getting very used to having a camera pointed at her and doesn’t seem to mind me putting the wide angle lens 10 inches from her face.