Atlanta, Texas

Last week we visited my brother-in-law Simon’s family in a small town in East Texas called Atlanta. Of the 500+ pictures I took these are my 15 favorite. We came way with more stories and memories than I have the energy to write about. Suffice to say it was a wonderful experience and I would definitely go back.

15. This was taken at the Mary of Puddin Hill company store outside of Dallas. I can honestly say that, of the thousands of products available for sale, there was nothing I wanted. I think Simon’s hat is too big for Dayla.

14. This is an earthen dam on the dry side of a big ol’ lake outside of Atlanta. I forget the name. This picture is currently the wallpaper on my computer desktop.

13. This is the tree that Simon and Kristy, as well as Simon’s grandparents, got engaged under. Ironically, Simon’s Dad’s construction company is being forced by the local government to chop it down because it is less than 30 feet from the road.

12. Simon’s Dad, Tom, is a duck hunter. He asked me to take pictures of his dog, Honey, retrieving decoys. It was amazing to see this dog do EXACTLY what it was trained to do. It never disobeyed Tom.

11. Here is Honey gleefully returning with a “duck.”

10. On our first day in town Simon’s Dad asked me to climb on the roof to take pictures of the raccoon that he was about to smoke out of his chimney. I honestly thought he was pulling my leg.

9. This picture (and the next two) were taken at a bayou park. Unfortunately we didn’t see any gators but there was plenty of moss, standing water, and skeeters. This sign was helpful in case you didn’t notice you were walking off the end of A DOCK.

8. The Cavers

7. The Sundins

6. We visited the city of Jefferson which is famous for its many antique shops. This one store we visited had at least 20 separate rooms with different themes. This picture comes from the “rusted metal tools and other crap” room.

5. Hello from the hay stack! Don’t worry. My dad is holding Dayla from the back.

4. We visited a farm owned by Simon’s family. My dad spent a good 15 minutes trying to convince the cows to eat out his hands. They weren’t fooled.

3. Happy Easter!

2. Where ma eggs at? Fill er up.

1. The standard “you’re going to be embarrassed when you’re older” picture.


It’s been a nice couple of days here in San Diego. Except for rain late last night the sun has been out and so have we. After work Thursday we took Dayla down to the pool. She loves being carried around in the water and will splash nonstop. I don’t think she likes getting her face wet but she doesn’t understand she is doing it to herself.
On Saturday we went out to the La Jolla Cliffs near UCSD. This is the spot I proposed to Ginette. The blooming yellow flowers and puffy clouds made for some great pictures.

At the Pool 1

At the Pool 2

La Jolla Cliffs 2

La Jolla Cliffs 1

Baby Backpack


Okay, I don’t know where the obsession came from. In case you didn’t know already, I love overalls on babies, well all kids for that matter. Here are my thoughts on the subject:
Overalls = cute. Babies = cute. Babies in overalls = very very cute.
Here is Dayla in her first pair of real official “OshKosh” overalls. Yesterday was the first time I got to break them out.
Overalls in action

Yep, cute from the back too

“Yay! I like these overalls almost as much as mom!”

New Tricks

Recently there have been a couple fun new tricks that Dayla does.
#1. She, just in the last few days, can sit up like a pro. Daniel even attempts to push her to the side ( a loving gentle way) and she still sits up like a champ.
#2. Also, she has just figured out that if she blows out while eating she makes a funny noise. As you can probably imagine, blowing out while I am trying to put food in her mouth does not make for a clean baby, or a clean mommy. I can’t help but laugh when she does it though, and I am sure that probably doesn’t help.
#3. My favorite by far is that she likes to use her feet to help her hold her bottle. Monkey baby! It really is too funny.

#1 Sitting Up

#2 Food Everywhere

#3 Monkey Baby