More New Tricks…

On her 9 month post we showed you some “new tricks” that Dayla is doing and I realized that I forgot to include some! She sure is on the move and doing so much new stuff it is hard to keep track! She is also crawling on all fours (the “real” crawl) since the last post which is a lot of fun and means she is getting into even more trouble everyday. Here are some of the other fun things she is doing:

growing some hair!

getting into some funny spots (now that she is crawling about we find her in all sorts of strange positions and locations)

being a ghost! (found her this way when we walked into her room. it was awesome.)

swimming in her new lady bug! (really just an excuse to show this cute picture)

Can 9 Months Stay Forever?

Many people have told me that 8-11 months is the best age for babies. I have to say, I am on board so far. Dayla is turning 9 months this month, and this last month has been an absolute blast. Dayla has lots of new tricks and the best part is that she is loving her new tricks just as much as I am. She will do something new (like pull herself up) and then smile or laugh at herself in a proud fashion. She is also much happier now that she is on the move.
All her new tricks in a pictorial fashion for your viewing pleasure:

They are no longer for sucking. Dayla can now fit the entire pacifier in her mouth! (yes, it went even further in then this picture shows…)

“I can pull myself up!”

“…and I can stand on my own.”

“I can get myself in sitting position with no help!
I have also decided lying down while drinking is only for wimps.”

“…and I can crawl!” (sort of) Check out the video:

Whittier Weekend

Here are a few pictures from our trip up to Whittier this weekend. We were able to stay longer than normal since I had some work to do in L.A. on Thursday and Friday.

Dayla liked to chew on the mint my Mom is growing in her backyard.

James loves sitting with Dayla. Notice his arm wrapped around her while they watched Sesame Street together. Sometimes James tries to sit in Dayla’s lap which doesn’t work too well.

On Thursday night we went to Uptown Whittier for the weekly family farmer’s market. My Dad insisted on walking around with Dayla stuffed in the front of his jacket. She didn’t mind one bit and enjoyed all the strangers complimenting her Grandpa on his cute “grandson.”

Nana and Grandpa Visit

Last week my parents did their annual trip to San Diego and as usual it was a lot of fun. The best part of course was seeing them enjoy Dayla almost as much as I do, but since I really am the only person who can just stare at Dayla all day, we found some adventures too. The best adventure was going to the Maritime Museum in downtown San Diego. I had never been there before so it was very interesting. The highlight of the museum was definitely being able to go on an old Russian submarine (B-39). MAN, those things are very tight. Beware if you are claustrophobic. Here are my favorite pictures from the adventure.

“Ready for Museums in my backpack.”

Dayla has to lean around dad to see where she is going. She does this the whole time. It is pretty funny.

Nana and her sister (my aunt Louise) reliving memories of riding “ferries like this one” in San Francisco

Family Portrait

Submarine here we come!

Man this door is small.

Daniel barely fits inside the submarine.

Holy Moley, that is a lot of dials.

Dayla wants to drive.

There she is.

RSS Awareness Day

Today is RSS Awareness Day.
What is RSS? RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format used to deliver information from websites (like and pages that get updated regularly. An RSS document (which is called a feed) contains either a summary or the full content from a website.
Click here to learn more about RSS.
My personal favorite RSS Reader is Google Reader. We all know Google is going to rule the world some day… why fight it?
RSS Awareness Day