Petting Zoo

The weekend before last we went to the Monetbello Barnyard Zoo with Kristy, Simon, and James. The “zoo” was underwhelming but the kids certainly enjoyed seeing the animals. Dayla got extra excited when she saw a group of ducks. We need to a make a trip back to the San Diego Zoo now that she actually cares.

Yay! I’m at the petting zoo!

So this is a horse eh? It’s a lot bigger and smellier than in my picture books.

That thing is scary. James, you poke it and see what it does.

Uncle Simon, watch out for that tongue.

POPSICLE! Why have I never had this before?

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1st Time at the Beach

We got invited over to our friend Jon’s house this weekend to hang out with him, his son Logan, and a few other families. It was a great opportunity since Jon lives in Crown Point and only 1 block from the ocean. The truth is that Dayla has never been to the beach, despite her deep tan and San Diego roots. She loves the pool but we weren’t sure what she would think of the sand and cold salt water.
Check out my new swimsuit… I look goooood.

This is a lot dirtier and colder than my pool.

Dayla chillin’ on a baby chair and watching the Chargers lose with her new buddy Gage

The babies playing with parents looking on. You can see Dayla stealing a toy from Logan.


One of the exciting things that Dayla got for her birthday was enough cash to buy her a “big girl” forward facing carseat. We thought this was exciting, but the truth is that it turns out that the box the carseat came in has proven to be the best part. Dayla has loved climbing in and out of the box so much I decided to make it more of a “home” for her. It has been a long time since I painted, but it turns out that having a kid inspires your creativity a ton. Here is Dayla’s first playhouse.
Box painted.

Dayla loves playing in the windows.

Dad tries to get in on the fun.