Dayla Says Hi

We were charging the video camera on the ground in our bedroom and Dayla stumbled across it. Since she was interested in playing with it Ginette fired it up. Ginette turned around the little screen so Dayla could see herself. Here’s what happened.

October is the month of tricks (and treats)

Dayla has been exploding with lots of new tricks in the past few weeks. There are some not so fun things that are new (like tantrums in grocery stores), but all in all I LOVE this new phase! Here are some of my favorite tricks:

  • Walking/Running
  • Which brings me to the next trick: carrying everything! Purses, bags, boxes….(see pics below!)
  • Her collection of words: ball, bye bye (drawn out like a southern girl), hi, dog, duck (“duh”), bug, yes, no, more, please (“pis”), peek (“pick”) night night (“nigh-nigh”) and good animal noises like neigh , woof (“uff”), and ba ba.
  • Tons of baby sign language (this all of a sudden exploded!) bath, toothbrush, ball, book, more, food, drink, hat, dad, mom, milk, light, stars, dog, duck, bird, fish, blanket, tired, quiet, baby, etc.
  • She gives hugs and kisses
  • Blows kisses and waves bye to strangers.
  • Dances and sings (singing is “da da da ba ba ba”)
  • One of my favorite new things she does is a conversation that we have several times a day. It goes like this. “Dayla can you say blue?” (she answers) “ue”. “Dayla can you say octopus?” Looks at me. Pauses contemplatively and then answers, “No.” How can you not love that honesty?
  • AND a recent FIRST. Her first bed head! 🙂 (this is exciting cause she is getting hair!)

First bed head.

Every moment she wants to be carrying something!

Squirt Bottle

Dayla got a hold of the squirt bottle last night and proceeded to suck all the water out of it over a period of an hour. We attemped to take it away from her but she freaked out every time we tried. It’s OK, you can judge us for being bad parents.

Company Picnic

I (Daniel) took Dayla to our company picnic today at Crown Point in Mission Bay. She had a blast and was quite the little celebrity (as is often the case). Thankfully Ginette was was wise eonough to pack a second shirt. Dayla destroyed her first one with watermelon drippings.

Dayla helping me soak my boss in the “Royal Flush” tank

Me and Dayla

Dayla enjoying her 6th piece of watermelon

Seriously, she loves watermelon

Dayla the Walking Maniac

So there has been a lot of fun things going on with Dayla since her first birthday, but by far the best of all of them is that she is WALKING! Along with walking has come many other exciting things. The assertion of independence (running away, saying “no no no”), carrying things (umm…so cute. carries purses, boxes, her blanket, various plant life), wearing things around her neck (necklaces and scarves) and the best is that she seems just plain happier on the move.
This video was one of her first days walking (mid-September)

Recent pictures of the much more confident walker (and carrier!)

Our new baby

Did I trick you with the title? I hate that.
To you loyal blog readers, I am SO sorry that we have not been posting the recent happenings in the life of our little Dayla. It is not because there is a lack of exciting things going on! (I will post more soon)
It is because our new baby…our new venture…our exciting new business has been (I am excited to say) taking a good amount of our time! If you don’t know about the official launch of Sundin Photography you should check out:
Here is a little taste of what I have been up to. A couple of our first official clients of Sundin Photography. Both of these families were absolutely amazing to work for! I can only pray that God blesses me with more clients like them. Aren’t they adorable?