Thanksgiving Trip – Part 4

After visiting Carmel we swung back to Whittier for a few days to relax with my family again and hang out with Keith. We didn’t do much but it was really nice to just relax and not have an agenda. Since this is the last time the whole family will be together my Mom made sure we got the family Christmas card picture.

Dayla and Papa. Dayla is secretly hoping she never has that many wrinkles.

James admires his uncle Keith

The Sundin (and Caver) family. Click the picture to see a larger version.

Thanksgiving Trip – Part 3

The third leg of our trip was the main reason for the vacation. Ginette is the youngest of 7 and the only time they all get together is for Thansgiving at the La Playa Hotel in Carmel. This year there were 23 of us when you include Ginette’s parents, the spouses, and all the grandkids. No one is allowed to have any more kids since the room we have Thanksgiving dinner in has a maximum capacity of 23.

The hotel courtyard. This was a great spot for Dayla to run around and explore.

A close up of one of the flowers. It rained Wednesday night but was nice and clear on Thanksgiving day.

Dayla on the beach with cousin Gianna in the background, jealous of her snack.

The beach is always very popular with families and dogs on Thanksgiving day. Dayla was going nuts see so many dogs running past.

4 of the grandkids with Aunt Nicole.

The whole Senasac clan. Click on the picture to see it larger.

Thanksgiving Trip – Part 2

For the second leg of our journey we had lunch with my brother in San Luis Obispo and then stayed with my my aunt Amy in Paso Robles. She is always such a gracious host and serves us elaborate meals and wine more expensive than we would normally buy (no 2 buck chuck). Her property is a mecca for kids and she has tons of running around space and things to play on/with. Thankfully we arrived on Monday afternoon a few hours before the rain came.

This was taken at a rest stop outside of Santa Barbara. Dayla had to get out and stretch her legs.

This is my uncle? Really? It’s been so long I don’t remember.

Faster! Faster!

My hiding spot is perfect. No one knows where I am.

Here I am!

Thanksgiving Trip – Part 1

I’m taking the week off of work to see my family in Whittier and meet up with Ginette’s family in Carmel. Along the way we are going to catch up with my brother at Cal Poly San Luis and my aunt in Paso Robles.
For the first leg of the trip Dayla has had a rockin’ time playing with her cousin James. We suspect that she likes all the new toys more though.

Dayla thinks Grandpa is taking this game of Upwords too seriously

You push me in the cart, I push you

Look at me walking down the stairs all by myself

This baby roller coaster is fun fun fun.


Ginette, Dayla, and I all have the flu today so I actually have some time to write this blog entry. We’ll see if I don’t keel over before I am done.
We had a busy Halloween this year. I took the 30th off and we went up to Bate’s Nut Farm (i.e. Nate’s Butt Farm) to see the pumpkins and take pictures with our new (used) obscenely large lens.

Dayla surveying the patch

The obligatory “posing in the pumpkins” picture

Ginette and Dayla with a scarecrow

More Pictures from the Pumpkin Patch

Dayla hated the hat of her bear costume. She only wore it for a minute before tearing it off.

For our costumes we were hikers who got attacked by a bear. Get it? We won the prize for best family costume (Thanks Ben and Juli).

Eleanor, Kaitlyn, Tabitha, Dayla (again, hating her costume)

For comparison, here is a picture from last Halloween on the same couch. Ysabel, Tabitha, Ethan, Eleanor, Dayla

Ginette running from the bear

Me, conquering the bear and wearing its head as a trophy

More Pictures from the Halloween Party

Halloween is a BIG DEAL at my office. Lots of people dress up, there are department decorating contest, and not a whole lot of work gets done. To give you a sense of it, here is our MC, Sarah Palin.

More Pictures from my office Halloween Party