Good Friends

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there is anything quite like a good friend. I feel so blessed that Dayla has a good friend, a great friend, her gal pal Tabby. Tabby and Dayla are perfectly opposite which just seems to make them get along fabulously. They are two peas in a pod. Here they are sharing a bath just the other night….

What is up in our world…

I just realized that it has been a long time since I have done an update post on what Dayla is up to these days. I am not sure if you, the Internet, like these posts as much as all the posts with pictures. But I say to you, Internet…it is good to write things down too. So I am going to tell you what is up in our world.
6 months ago the growth was all in height and weight and “new tricks”, but now Dayla’s growth has mostly been in personality. I welcome and embrace this new growth, but I would be lying if I told you it has all been a pleasure. With “personality” have also come the tantrums and the “no, no no’s”. It has been more of a challenge then ever before…but God knows that I love a good challenge. And the truth is that I love love LOVE the person that she is and I am so excited to continue to meet her as she unfolds. Here are the petals of her I have met so far:
Dayla is assertive. Some may call it “strong-willed”, and some days I call her “a baby bully” but on most days I am proud of my little girl who knows what she wants. She hates getting her diaper changed and let’s you know it. She will give turns to the other babies…but she is not one of those babies who forgets that she wanted the toy and walks away…she just stands there while they play with it and violently pounds her chest and keeps saying “peas, peas” (both the sign and the word please). She is happy when she has other babies following her around. She is more of a leader then a chaser…although the other day I did see her chasing an older boy around for quite some time.
Dayla is determined and independent. She will try to do something until she gets it. She doesn’t give up. If it is something she is trying to open, she will sit down with it until she figures it out. If she can’t get it then she will ask for help…but then as soon as I show her she will try it so that she can do it on her own the next time. The other day I watched from afar as she studied a little girl (a few years older) climb a plastic-rope-wall-thingy at the playground. The next time we went, she just did it all by herself.
Dayla is athletic. I keep thinking of the Forrest Gump line that says something like…”And from that day on, for no particular reason, anywhere I was going I was running”. That’s my kid. Now that she can, she prefers to run. Or climb.
Dayla is a lover. She is not shy and after about a two minute “stranger danger” period she will just walk up to anyone and say “hi”. Most times she will blow kisses to strangers (unprompted). If you hang around her for a while she will probably offer you a hug or just walk up and hug your legs.
Dayla is a helper. She is starting to clean up her own toys, helps close all the doors in the house, loves to bring you over your shoes and help you put them on, and even helps me carry things up from the car when my arms are full. I LOVE this stage. 🙂
Dayla is a happy girl. From the time that she was very little, Dayla was easy to make laugh. This little girl laughs at everything. I used to think I was really funny, but now as I interact with more kids with the photography business, I realize that Dayla really is just one joyful little girl. Praise God. 🙂
So that is what is up in our world. I will try to update you as new petals of our little girl’s personality unfold. For those of you who want pictures…here is one.

Around the House

Here are a few fun pictures from around the house. No special occasion. Just being silly.

Dayla with a big smile on our red couch

My girls relaxing on the bed. Dayla being a bit rude.

Dayla insists on being at the height of fashion. The salesman at Boot World said Baby Uggs are the way to go. In hindsight, I think these may be a size too big.
Click on picture to enlarge

The Higgins Visit from Austria

Some of you may remember how when I was pregnant with Dayla there were 5 other girls who were pregnant with me (Beth, Kristy, Julian, Michelle and Julie). There was also the “Four August Babies” who were all born within about a week of each other (Haley, Ellie, Ethan and Dayla). Well, about a year ago we had to (tearfully) say goodbye to one of the clan. It has been almost a year since Beth, Justin and baby Haley went to Austria. Just a week ago we were blessed with a short visit from our Austrian friends! It was a PERFECT visit…although it was too brief (a very short 2.5 days)…it was packed with fun, laughter, good food, good times, and good tears. Here are some of the pictures from our time together.
This is the babies one year ago:

This is all of us one year ago attempting to swap moms/babies (and see if the savy blog followers noticed)

The babies now!

This is us attempting to swap moms/babies again…not as successful…but pretty funny

And a nicer picture of who goes with whom

CLICK HERE to see some more fun pictures
CLICK HERE to see our trip to the San Diego Zoo together (cuteness in here…beware)