Beach Day

This was one of those days to brag about in San Diego. February 28th, 80 degrees outside, and the perfect day to go to the beach. I would say we feel bad bragging about it, but I would be lying. 🙂
Dayla has been to the beach a couple of times, but this was the first day that I have seen her REALLY love it. She was into it and it was awesome. She got to use her new shovel and pail, build sand castles with dad, and convince dad to go into the cold water as she ran the other direction laughing. As we walked to the car she pointed back toward the beach with sad puppy-dog eyes, frantically signing and saying “mor mor mor”. She cried when we left.
I am a sand hater….but today the sand just didn’t seem like that big a deal.


We visited the doctor for a check up today and Dayla had her first eye test. Unfortunately she has less than perfect vision and the doctor prescribed her some baby glasses. Dayla is a little embarrassed by them but she is being a trooper. Scroll down to see a picture of her with her new specs.

Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day this year we had a brunch with our friends from our family bible study group. All the guys brought food, drinks, decorations, flowers, and (most importantly) a babysitter so we could enjoy a peaceful time together.
The girls before we packed them off to the nursery with the babysitter (thanks Naomi!)

The brunch setup. Rob did a great job with all the decorations.

Our lovely wives

For a game, all the husbands wrote a short love note to their wives. We then swapped the notes and read them aloud. The wives then guessed which husband wrote which note. Leave it to men to turn Valentine’s Day into a competition.

In this picture Ben is keeping track of the guesses after the first note has been read.

Jason reading one of the love notes

The final scores.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Hide and Seek

Dayla and I frequently play hide and seek when I get home from work. There are only half a dozen places to “hide” in our apartment so it isn’t too much of a challenge.
This is a brief video Ginette shot of us playing. Notice Dayla looking behind the door to her bedroom and quietly saying “boo” since she expected me to be there.

Dayla Laughs

Every now and then Dayla belts out an awesome belly laugh. She won’t do it on cue so it is special when it happens. Interestingly, it hasn’t changed all that much between 5 months and 17 months. Here is a video from a year ago and a video from yesterday.
Dayla a Year Ago – Laughing on the Changing TableDayla Yesterday – Laughing at Crumpling Paper