Rough Night, Fun Morning

Last night was rough.
Dayla had a high fever, a mild sunburn, runny nose, teething, and was constipated. Needless to say she didn’t sleep for more than an hour at a stretch. Ginette and I tag-teamed staying up with her throughout the night and endured almost non-stop crying.
Surprisingly around 8:00 Dayla totally perked up and acted like she was never sick. Ginette slept while we we colored, watched some videos on the laptop, and played with some velcro sunglasses Dayla dug up in the back of her drawer.
Dayla rocking her baby sunglasses

Practicing for her on-stage solo with Bono

I attempted to inflate our air mattress to sleep on with Dayla last night but found it had a couple small holes in it. When I started deflating it this morning Dayla and I found a fun new way to use it.

Play Kitchen

Whenever Dayla sees the play kitchens at church or Grandma’s house she immediately gravitates to them. She finally got one of her own.
We decided on the Red Retro Kitchen since it was small enough for our apartment, was made of wood, and matched our couch. (If you click on the link you can see I added pictures of Dayla to the product description). We’re very happy with the kitchen even though it took me a solid 3 hours of work to put it together.
Warning: the video below is 4 unedited minutes of Dayla exploring the kitchen. It is probably too much for non-family members. Scroll down to see some pictures.

Puddle Splashing

We had a bit of rain today. After Dayla woke up from her nap we went out to splash in the puddles. Unfortunately the San Diego sun had dried most everything up. Dayla was happy enough to stomp around in the few pools we found and pick up various tree leavings off the ground.

Big Smile

When Dayla is in a good mood she will smile on command. Interestingly her “smile” bears no relation to her real smile when she is actually happy. This is her silly smile for the camera.
We think she gets hit from her Papa.