Merry Christmas!

Sure, we never finished the other half of our Thanksgiving blog….but that is how life goes with having little ones, isn’t it? I have a lot more half finished things around the house then I ever imagined I would. But I am learning to let go and just enjoy this time in our lives.
So…here we are at Christmas!
Every year for the Sundin Family Christmas letter, we get the clan together for a family photo. For the past couple years we have been lucky enough to snag the help of a very talented photographer friend, Chris. A few months ago Daniel and I realized that the last time we have had a family photo taken of the 3 of us has been…well…since Dayla was very tiny. I guess that is what happens when you find yourself behind the camera at most events/functions/get together’s. So this year, right before snagging the photo of the whole clan, we were bold enough to ask Chris to get a family portrait of the 3 of us! I am SO glad we did! Here are the ones we got:

Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year!

Ponytail. Conquered the Impossible.

So it is a BIG day in our house here. No, not a birthday or an anniversary, or a party of any kind (though maybe we should). It is the day that I got Dayla to WEAR A PONYTAIL.
If you don’t really know Dayla’s personality, this may not seem like a big deal to you, but let me assure you, IT IS. I have tried (since she had enough hair to do it) EVERYDAY. I have tried everything. Yes. Everything. While she is watching a video, bribes of candy, food, favorite things, toys, etc. Peer pressure (“all your friends are doing it”). Creative play (“do you want to look like a horsey or a piggy?”) I am pretty sure if you think you have a “trick” I have tried it. Don’t judge me. I just really wanted to put my daughter’s hair in a ponytail. Up until today she has batted my hands away, cried, and claimed I was “hurting her very much”. But TODAY…today was the day. What was the trick? None! I just asked, and she responded, “okay mama.” Perhaps she finally sensed my desperation.
Note, it only lasted 5 minutes…but she did keep it in long enough for me to cheer with glee, jump up and down, and go and grab my camera. Thank you Dayla bear, you made my day.

And here it comes out:

Maybe again someday. But for today, I am smiling ear to ear.

Dancing Like No One is Watching

One of Dayla’s good little friends now is Kaitlyn. This has been a growing relationship to be honest; as Kaitlyn gets a kick out of antagonizing Dayla (mostly since Dayla is the only kid who melts down if someone else does something she doesn’t like). Kaitlyn’s mom and I at first thought this was HILARIOUS. That Dayla reacted so intensely to small acts, and that Kaitlyn obviously likes the reaction so much she keeps doing it! It makes us laugh!
As Kaitlyn and Dayla hang out more though, they are learning about each other and starting to understand their relationship. They seem to respect each other in a new way and really love on one another. It is sweet to watch this blooming friendship and completely touches my heart.
Long story short, Kaitlyn spent most of Tuesday with us and we had such a blast! I forgot to bring out my camera until the end…but I am SO glad I did.
Introducing “Kaitlyn and Dayla’s Dance Party”

And when they were tired we had a “night night party”. This was on their own…no help from me. I was just snapping pictures. These girls are too cute.