That Which We Call A Rose…

I want to soak up every minute of this stage and not forget how adorable I think it is. The stage where she is talking non-stop, asks “why” to everything you tell her, is beyond curious and you can see her learning and taking everything around her in, but still messes up words every once in a while. Here are some of the things that Dayla has given new names despite the fact that we have corrected her several times. I am actually thinking that her names make more sense then the actual name, so we may just adopt hers.

What you have for breakfast on the side of eggs: “Steakcon”
What comes on the top of cupcakes: “Sparkles” (Sprinkles)
A colorful wheel that goes round and round in the wind: “A Spin Wheel”

More in the word life of our girl….

We often say “is that a deal?” …in order to get recognition that she is listening to whatever instruction we gave.  She has taken to saying   “that is NO deal” or “I will make the deal” (which really just makes me laugh!)

She also will pause when she is thinking and put her finger to her chin, saying “Hmmm” or another favorite is when she is telling me something and she puts her hands on her hips.

And the BEST…Dayla now says “I love you too!” when we tell her we love her.

This is a recent picture of our little talker. She is LOVING dress up! This was actually on the way out with her dad though. Yep. In public. Yep. We are those parents.