All In A Day’s Work

Today we cuddled and snuggled and I made sure to slow down and soak it in. Today you had a tantrum over watching a video and whined over the fact that something wasn’t in the exact place you wanted it. Today you called the crust of bread “it’s jacket”. Today we painted your toenails for the first time and you loved it. Today I watched you make your own chocolate milk. Today you got mad at me when I said you couldn’t have sushi for lunch. Today when I wiped the soup off your face after lunch, you screamed and cried and flailed your hands around, and then proceeded to dip your finger back in the soup, wipe it all over your face so that YOU could take the napkin to wipe it off. Today you made me laugh, a sincere laugh, as we played in the bath. Today you hung onto me like you haven’t in a long time… and told me you missed me when I was gone for the weekend.

Today I love you.

In a way that I never thought I could love anything or anyone.

You’re not perfect and you challenge me

But everyday I realize your perfect for me and everyday I am challenged to be a better person.


I am so thankful.

** Daniel captured this series of Dayla and I LOVE it. That is our little girl.


Sometimes we are just awash with gratefulness.  There can be a whole slew of things that can set this off, some good, some tragic.  Nothing significant has happened that I can think of, but for some reason today, I am overcome with gratefulness.

Maybe it was spending the weekend with Jen, a friend from 3rd grade, and being so thankful that our friendship has remained for so many years despite boys, tears, distance, marriage, children, change, and well, everything life throws at you.  Maybe it was the fact that we spent much time reminiscing about old times as we flipped through the pages of our 7th grade year book and I realized how far we have come.  Maybe it was being away from my husband and daughter and realizing how much they mean to me.  And more importantly how they make me a better version of myself.

I am blessed.

Today I am feeling and knowing the truth of that statement.

And I am beyond grateful.

Thank you God for it all.  Without you, this life would feel different.

With you life feels perfect in it’s imperfection.

Tabby Turns Three with Fairy Style

It feels funny to be doing a post that is all about Tabby’s birthday party….but if you were to ask Dayla who her “best” or “favorite” friend is, she would still respond without any hesitation, “Tabby” (and as long as she could talk has had the same answer).  In fact when I tell her that Tabby is coming over to play, she often shouts, “Tabby is my best friend!”  So in that way, it seems fitting to share a post all about Tabby and her birthday.  (Not to mention the fact that I took a lot of pictures, so I really wanted to share!)

Tabby rung in her 3rd year by having a “Fairy Party” with her closest girlfriends…and it was possibly the cutest party ever!  Too bad Dayla fell and got a big bloody boo boo within 5 minutes of being there, so she was out of sorts for the party…but I still enjoyed watching all the other “fairies” prance around in delight.  Here are some of my favorite captures of the morning:

Each girl upon arrival got fairy wings, a fairy wand, fairy “dust” sprinkled on them (as well as in a bottle for them to carry). It was ridiculously cute to watch these little girls run around dressed up in their fairy attire.

Dayla’s little girl friends: Kaitlyn, Ellie, Yzzy…

…and…The Birthday Girl…TABBY!

Decorating butterflies

The whole gang of girls! Look at my little fairy!

(And yes, thank you to Aunt Kristy who got Dayla that ridiculously cute petticoat she is wearing!  I LOVE IT…and so does Dayla!)

Busy Busy Bee Leads to …Stay-cation!

April was busy.  Busy busy.  From Easter, to birthday parties, to family in town,  to lots of work for both Daniel and I, it was a busy month.  Though I will say, Daniel and I both felt it was the kind of busy that neither of us could complain about; the kind of busy that makes you realize how blessed you are.  When you have a month jam packed with family and friends and births and celebrations, you realize just how much you have to be thankful for.  And we are.

But suffice to say, that busy-ness also leads to exhaustion. So when we saw the whirlwind of April approaching, we made a fast decision to do a vacation in May…and as soon as possible. So thanks to Grandma and Papa taking our sweet little Dayla for a few days (yes, we know we are blessed that they do this for us!  THANK YOU to Grandma and Papa!) we were able to unwind on a “stay-cation” in the most fabulous of ways!

We will have to catch up on blog posts from April very soon, but for now thought it would be fun to share our escapades from our vacation right here in San Diego. (Hey, when you live in an awesome city, why travel, right?)

We started off the vacation living up the life of not having a child in tow.  I got a (much needed and wanted) haircut and Daniel got to go to a meeting for work at the best steak house in town.  The next three days though was nothing but jammed packed with fun, good (no GREAT) eating, movies, and relaxation. It was an AWESOME vacation.

Since most of our adventures consisted of eating and movie going and sitting by the pool, not many pictures were taken. But on day 2 of our vacation, we had decided to be tourists in our own city, so as every good tourist does, we took pictures! I have been dying to go on the “Old Town Trolley Tour” of San Diego, really be a tourist in my own town, so that is what we did on Day 2.  It was great!  I wouldn’t recommend it for a 10 year resident (as we ruined a lot of the guides “San Diego trivia” since we knew most of it), but if you are new to town, or visiting, TOTALLY worth it.

We started in Old Town, enjoying a cup of coffee at a historic building that now hosts a very cute coffee house called “The Living Room”

Then we jumped on the “Old Town Trolley Tours” with nerdy orange circle stickers and all. I decided to go dorky and turn these pictures into “sepia” to get you in the mood.

We jumped off the trolley at Coronado and found a spot on the island we had never been before! What a beautiful view of our beloved city…

And of course we made time to stop at the famed, Il Fornaio restuarant where we enjoyed a VERY yummy lunch.  Sometimes you find the most scrumptious light for photography in the most random of places. I love these next portraits of us…

The view from our table….just another day in the San Diego harbor…GIANT military ships.

And because it is easy to snag a good picture of my handsome man…

And that was pretty much it. The next two days consisted of more yummy restaurants, two fun movies, margaritas by the pool, and more lounging around then any parent ever gets to do. Thanks again Grandma and Papa! I know our little girl loved being with you as much as we loved our stay-cation!

Grandpa and Nana Come To Town!

One of the benefits to having the visits from Grandpa and Nana so few and far between is that when they come it feels really special.  That and it is so fun to realize how different Dayla is each time they see her, really see her growth through their eyes.

This was the first time that Grandpa and Nana came that Dayla really got it, and that made it SO fun.  We talked about them coming, and she got SO excited, telling me what she was going to tell Nana about (her boo boo on her knee, Tabby’s birthday party, her Eeyore, etc) and how she would shake Grandpa’s hand.  She pointed to their picture and giggled with glee at the anticipation of seeing them.  I was eating it up.

Of course when they arrived she did not shake Grandpa’s hand (Dayla is beyond shy these days), but she did warm up to telling Nana all her stories.  They also got to see a piece of her silliness, her dancing around, her love of sharing (and bossing), and even a little of her hugs.  On the second day they were here, Dayla leaned over to me and said, “Mama, I am really having fun with Grandpa and Nana.”  Nothing could have melted my heart more.

Here are some pictures from one of our adventures.  I had never been to the Cabrillo National Monument (Point Loma Lighthouse), despite it’s fame and love among San Diegans, and it turned out to be a great place for Dayla to run around.  The traditional wind that is always there didn’t pick up until the end of our visit, so it was a nice day!  (Especially since the day was topped off with Point Loma Seafood’s food for lunch and Beaumont’s for dinner!)  Thanks mom and dad for making the journey, and for yet another wonderful visit with you in San Diego!

I love this series below….just Dayla and Nana enjoying each other’s company.

The Lighthouse…

This next set is my FAVORITE. It is funny catching myself stepping into “photographer mode” …and really enjoy trying to capture the “essence” of my parents…the looks and personality that I know them so well for. I love the challenge of trying to capture all that I love about them.  This next set is it for me. It is SO them….and so Dayla. So much of my love right there on that bench.

Ending with a shot of those beautiful wild sunflowers….and Nana and Grandpa!