Water Weekend with Daddy

I hate it when people apologize for not posting on their blog and then go on to give some excuse for it. It doesn’t mean that I’m not going to do that very thing right now though.

I’m sorry for not keeping this blog up to date, but I have three very good reasons.

  1. We bought a house and it has been consuming every waking moment. This is a good thing, but it’s a lot of work. We’ve finally moved in and have all the essentials unpacked. We’ll do a proper post about the house soon.
  2. I accepted a new position at work but my old position hasn’t been filled yet so I’m doing double duty.
  3. … Hmmm. I guess that’s only two reasons. I thought there were three. Oh well, they’re pretty good reasons though right?

Anyways… Ginette was out of town this weekend so it was just me and Dayla rocking it in our new house. Poway has been unseasonably cool up until this point. Like, coldest July on record cool (don’t quote me, I made that up). This cool weather has been awesome for the guys replacing the duct work in our attic and equally horrible jobs.

The day Ginette left Poway remembered how punishly hot it was supposed to be and cranked the thermostat up to 11. On Friday the mercury hit 102. Yikes. Thankfully Ginette had planned ahead and I busted out our brand new kiddie pool which Dayla and I thoroughly enjoyed.

I spared you pictures of myself in the pool. Dayla just isn’t that confident with a DSLR yet and my sculpted, greek sculpture-like abs are sure to shame any men reading this blog.

Loving the water
Dayla's first experience with the awesome power of a hose

 The next day was equally nasty heat wise so we headed west to a swim class taught by two moms of Dayla’s friends. As you can see from the pictures below all the kids were all well-behaved, paid attention to the teachers, and learned valuable water safety rules.

Learning to put their face through the ring and blow bubbles
Pocket pull of posies, we all fall ... *gurgle*
Big jump

Did I say all the kids? My mistake. I meant all the kids except Dayla. At first she tentatively sat in the pool with the other kids. As soon as the teacher took her out by herself she screamed, thrashed in the water, ran on the to deck, ripped off her swimsuit and stood their naked stamping her foot screaming NO! NO! NO! She then stormed over to a pool chair and glared at everyone accusingly.

After considerable coaching by the more than patient teachers she sat on the top step of the pool for the last five minutes of the lesson. Of course she had no problem joining the other kids for after-class juice and Cheeze-Its. I’m sure it will go better next week. What can I say; I have an “independent” kid. 

I'm judging all of you