Dayla and Ellie’s 4th Birthday (A Dress Up Party)

Thinking, planning, dreaming, talking about it for months. The biggest difference of this year’s birthday party was that it was the first year that Dayla (and Ellie) were really excited and cared about what would be at their party. So, being the first time moms that we are, we took a lot of joy in this new little development and let them have a lot of say in what would be at the party. Ellie’s requests were: all her friends dressing up, music, cakes (not cupcakes), and balloons. Dayla requested: balloons, the bounce house, cake for the birthday girls and cupcakes for everyone else (and for some reason “no boys”). I loved that their requests were not extravagant (the bounce house would be if we didn’t have the gift of being able to get one for free!)…so we took their ideas, added some pink and purple to the mix, kept it nice and low-key…..and had a great time celebrating two little sweet girls turning 4.

The Birthday Princesses:

Bouncing and dressing up…

The birthday cakes for the birthday girls (I was so excited to get this Barbie cake pan handed down from our sweet neighbor when we moved in last year).  Purple dress Barbie cake was for Dayla (her favorite color) and pink dress Barbie cake was for Ellie.

The cupcakes for everyone else. (This was my first time making homemade frosting for cupcakes..and I have to say…I am pretty proud with the way they turned out!)

The girls also excitedly talked about what presents they would get this year. We knew this day would come that they would get excited about the gifts, so we just encouraged gifts to be small. Dayla and Ellie were so thrilled for each little thing they opened…it was so sweet to watch!

I love their reactions here!


Ending with another picture of the birthday girls!

(The other big difference this year was no Yzzy. For the last 2 years we have had a joint birthday part with the 3 August birthday girls, but this year Yzzy moved to it was just Ellie and Dayla’s day. We miss you Kerns!)

Happy 4th Birthday to our sweet little girls!

Happy 4th Birthday Dayla!

This morning you woke up and we told you that you were 4 years old…but instead of the smile we expected, you started to cry, “But I don’t FEEL any different!… I don’t FEEL 4 years old!”

My Dayla, what a big year 3 has been. I have to say, I have loved you at 3.  Less tantrums and fewer fights.  Don’t get me wrong, you are still asserting your independence daily, but now with logic and reasoning.  Just like the story above, you desperately need things to make sense to you and you get frustrated when we can’t explain the “why”.  And I can’t tell you how many times a week you out-smart or out-logic your mama’s rules.  When a rule or a discipline or a joke or something in the world doesn’t make sense to you, you don’t ever take it for what it is worth or as is…you think it through and then challenge it.  You clever girl.  I love that this year you went from mimicking the things we say to coming up with your own thoughts and ideas and even your own jokes and songs.  Not to mention, you are so observant and so in tune to how you feel….always thinking through everything. You are still as passionate as ever, letting us know just how you feel, but my favorite thing that the age 3 has brought to our life is your “snuggles”.  You snuggle like you never have before.  Some days you will just lay on the couch with me for a half hour and we will snuggle and talk about all sorts of things….and when we drop you off at church you blow kisses and give hugs and tell us you love us; your love for your family and friends is exploding!  You take care of your mama and bring me some of your favorite toys when I am sick, you have started to talk about how much you adore your family (Grandma  & Papa, Grandpa & Nana, and all your cousins) and your friends, and you have even become a little more generous with your hugs.  These last couple months have brought a lot of “new friends” into our lives too.  Every time we go to a park or somewhere where there are other kids, you make friends and get so sad when they leave.  You talk for days about your “new friend” and how you miss them and hope to see them again someday.

Oh Dayla, you have stolen our hearts.

But there is so much more to you… are some of my favorite things about our year and about who you are right now:

You love to paint. I think you would paint every day if I let you. On the days we don’t paint, you allowing coloring as a substitute.

You love to dance. Often when I ask you what you want to be when you grow up, you reply “dancer”.

You love your friends. It depends on the day which friend is your favorite, but there is never a moment when you don’t love them immensely.

It is not consistent or predictable, but there are many days that you love to help your mama and daddy. Your favorite thing to help daddy with is building, and your favorite thing to help your mama with is cooking.

This year has brought us many new things: we bought a new house, we got chickens, and we started a vegetable garden. You love the house, you tolerate the chickens (you like the idea of them more than the chickens themselves), and our vegetable garden has made you into a foodie. You are so good about going out everyday and collecting our bounty…and I can’t get you to eat many vegetables from the store, but if they are garden grown, you’ll pick it, wash it, and eat away…all by yourself. This alone makes me want to have a vegetable garden every year.

However, of all the things I have mentioned, of all the things you love, I don’t think there is anything you love more than dressing up. You put on a costume every day. EVERY.DAY. We have no rules about dressing up, so there are many days where we will have two or three outfit/costume changes, and many days where you wear your costumes everywhere we go. There was one day that we counted seven, SEVEN outfit/costume changes. Here are some we had the chance to capture:

Happy 4th Birthday Dayla!
We love you more and more each day and can’t wait to see what new adventures the age of 4 will bring!

(Above is a picture of Dayla and Ellie. Once again this year they celebrated their 4th Birthday together, this time with a “Dress Up Party”…hopefully another blog on that to follow)