Just Another Sunny Day

Last Thursday we had the world’s sunniest January day.

I promised ice cream.

That means we spent 2 hours killing time in the front yard waiting for the ice cream truck to come….and that lead to a whole lot of:

Dancing in the street….

…in pajamas and rain boots

Playing with our neighbor Sawyer

Finding out that Sawyer likes to model for the camera

and with a whole lot of coaxing (we had the time), so does Bean the dog….

The ice cream truck came and Dayla used her saved up “helper coins” to buy a Shrek Popsicle. Sawyer got a drumstick.  Brother Sebastian stuck to milk while the older kids enjoyed their treat.  It was a good day on Jolley Lane.

Baby vs. Baby

Comparing. It is just in our nature. We compare ourselves to others….and yes…we can’t help but compare siblings to each other. Do they look alike, act alike, talk alike? I know that one of 5 girls in my family, there was a lot of comparing going on.

The whole comparing babies thing is a super fun game to me. It is good natured and a lot of fun. Wanna play?  This is Dayla and Sebastian, both just over 2 months old.

…and with Dad….

…and the smiles…

I keep saying that I think Sebastian looks a lot like Dayla, “but with a bigger nose and a bit more square shaped head”. What do you think?

He Is Gonna Be a Soccer Player…

Recently many of my mommy friends noted that if we thought back to the baby days and toddler days of our kids, we were surprised that our children had actually displayed much of their current personalities from the beginning.  Then to top that off, today I read the story I wrote about Dayla’s birth here.   I laughed out loud as I read, “Three hours later I was still pushing my heart out, barely breathing in between each push, and still no baby to show for my efforts. I couldn’t help but joke in my head that she better not be this stubborn once she is out.”  Hehehe.   She had her first “I want it my way” tantrum at 13 months, and now we affectionately would say about Dayla that “she will choose a cause and die for it”….so um…yeah.

So although all babies who kick hard inside the womb don’t turn out to be soccer players, I thought it would be fun to share the little things about Sebastian so far.  Cause who knows?  Maybe we will be able to look back and say, Sebastian, you were always…..”

Sebastian Smiles (2 Months Old)

Sebastian is the most laid back baby ever.  He is just chill.  From going overdue (taking his time coming out of my tummy), to the way he is day to day, this boy is just the most mellow baby I have met.  During our hospital stay and doctor trips in his first couple months, doctors kept telling me “Okay, he will cry when we do _____” and then he didn’t cry.  I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from his doctors, “I can’t believe he didn’t cry!”  Just a mellow man.

Sebastian is serious. Not unhappy, just serious.  He will totally give you a smile, but it is kinda a half smile, almost a coy smile if you will, not the full giddy-as-big-as-the-world smile that Dayla gave as a baby.  There are two expressions he seems to make the most.  One that looks like he is just taking in the world around him.  An observer maybe.  And the other one is what Daniel calls his “old grumpy man who is disapprovingly looking at a teenager” face.

Left: Old Man Look / Right: Old Man Sweater and Pipe but with inquisitive look

Sebastian loves to be where the action is, but doesn’t have to be held.  If we are all in the other room and he is awake, he will cry until I come and put him where we are, then he’s good.  Then he just puts on his observer expression and we are all happy as clams.

Sebastian loves…I mean LOVES… to kick his legs.  Just like in the womb, this boy is kicking all the time.  Just the other day in the bath he figured out when he kicks the water it makes a big splash. He loved it so much he even broke a smile.


Dayla loves to help with Sebastian; an amazing big sister. This is clearly the bath before he figured out how to splash with his kicks.


So that is our little boy in a nutshell so far.  I can’t wait to see what will stay and what will go and who this little boy will grow up to be.  For now we are over the moon for him and that I am sure will never change.

And His Name Will Be….

Almost 3 months before Dayla was born we announced her name.  With our little man it was more like 3 days.  Naming him was one of the most arduous tasks Daniel and I have taken on as a married couple.  Picking a name for a person, a name they will carry the rest of their life and will represent so much of who they are, is never an easy process.  We first found this out with Dayla, and then discovered naming a boy was EVEN HARDER.

Upon recent reflection, I realized it wasn’t fair that Dayla got a blog post about her name and our little man didn’t just because his parents had so much trouble deciding. So here we are with the announcement and background behind his name.

Sebastian Victor Sundin

What is in a Name?

Like his sister’s name, Sebastian’s name was one of the few names that met our naming criteria.  It was actually the first name we both agreed on, but for some reason Daniel and I were unsure if it was the one, so we continued our hunt for the perfect name for several more months. God knew that we had found the perfect name; he just waited for us to figure it out.

We searched high, we searched low.  We searched Swedish names, literary names, classic names, and unique (read: weird) names.  At the end of it all we narrowed our list down to some top picks and then asked Dayla which one she liked the best (trying to be clever so that we could get her opinion without having her leak the options out to the world).  “Sebastian” she replied with conviction.  We did our best to sell her on other names (you should have seen our efforts), but she was set on that one.  “Why do you keep saying other names?” she replied firmly to us, ” His name is Sebastian.” We sure do love our decisive 4 year old.

And so it came to be.

Sebastian is derived from the Greek word “sebastos” meaning “venerable” (venerable: accorded a great deal of respect, especially because of age, wisdom, or character) and closely related to the Latin “Augustus” of the same meaning. (Fun fact: one of the other names at the top of our list was August.  I thought it was pretty cool that there were two names on our list that were really one in the same.)  We loved the way it sounded, we loved that it reminded us of Bastian from Never Ending Story, and we loved that St. Sebastian was a pretty cool guy.

Victor is not only Daniel’s middle name (Dayla got my middle name, Marie, so it was exciting for Daniel to pass on his too); it was also Daniel’s paternal Grandpa’s name: Milton Victor Sundin, aka “Grandpa Vic”.  Grandpa Vic was one of the kindest men and most gentle souls I have ever met.  I barely knew him to be honest, as by the time I started dating Daniel he already had the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, but when I sat at his funeral and heard the words spoken about him, I heard that what I had suspected was indeed true: he was one amazing, kind, gentle, and good man.  The strong silent type. The type of man I hope our Sebastian Victor will one day grow up to be.

A Drawing. A Note. A Cup of Coffee.

My Dayla.

I left early this morning  to take brother to the doctor; you on the computer playing games and Daddy in bed slipping in and out of awake.  I asked you to be good to Daddy, as I always request when I leave.  You seemed indifferent to the request as you do most times, but when I came home I found this on his bedside table:

A drawing. A note.  A cup of coffee.

It was so simple, yet something about it speaks volumes to me.  You were good to Daddy.  You brought him a note and a drawing and a cup of coffee to wake up to….all things that you thoughtfully put together and knew would put a smile on his face as he opened his eyes for the first time today.

Sometimes you are such a pill….and then there are times when you do things like this.  I love watching you grow up. I love watching you interpret the world around you in the ways you do.  I love your thoughtfulness.  I love your drawings. I love your love of our coffee breath (yes, you do stick your nose in our mouths after we drink coffee).

My sweet Dayla, I love YOU.