Too Much

It was although I was watching the climax moment of the world’s best love story at Sundance Film Festival. We met up with Daddy for a lunch at Souplantation, a special treat after a fun school day, but when it was time to say goodbye and head home little did I know what would happen next. Daddy walked out the door, and suddenly before I knew it, I turned my head just in time to see the blur of Dayla racing after him. There was sobbing, arms stretched out, running back and forth at least 7 times as Daddy tried to walk away…it only could have been more dramatic or heart wrenching if it was all done in the pouring rain.

When she finally ended up in my arms, I tried reassuring her, “Daddy is going to be home in 2 hours”, to which she replied through her unending sobs, “I just love my Daddy TOO MUCH”.

I stifled my giggles.

I couldn’t help but think what we must have looked like to any on-lookers there in the parking lot, but at the same time I didn’t care.  Although I thought it was hilarious and I was stifling my giggling throughout the entire episode, I also knew I was witnessing an incredibly wonderful thing.  Even if it was a moment brought on by being a bit overtired, I was one of the sweetest moments I have ever witnessed, and it is the kind of moment (although a bit embarrassing) I am so glad that my daughter has with her Daddy.

Nothing would make me happier than if Dayla always had the problem of “loving her Daddy too much”.

Dayla and Daddy's Saturday Morning Project
Just One of the Fun Things They Do Together: Dayla and Daddy's Saturday Tent Time

God Listens: Another Sebastian Update.

Even though I have pretty much always known about God, there are still times when I doubt that He hears my prayers.  I mean I BELIEVE in God, but there are days when it is hard not to think, “Really, you’re listening to ME?”  I love sharing that with you because I also get to share this:  it seems every time I have a moment of doubt that God hears me, God reminds me that He IS listening.  GOD IS LISTENING.

This is one of those stories.

First, I will share the brief update…the Cliff Notes version if you will.  Sebastian had another ultrasound.  Non-invasive, totally easy, the ultrasound tech was as sweet as pie.  I went the same day to the urologist so he could give me the results.  He said, “Good news! His kidneys and ureter are still slightly dilated and his urethra is narrower than it should be.”  I raised my eyebrows at him.  “This is good?  I was hoping for a complete healing….and well, nothing has changed since the last time we were here.”  “Well,” he said with a slight twinkle in his eye and a warm smile on his face, “that would have been GREAT news.  This is GOOD news.  But it IS GOOD news!  It could have gotten worse.”

There you have it.  I will still hold out hope for the “complete healing” and keep asking that God gives that to us.  The next step is that we will have another ultrasound in 3 months to check again.  And again I will pray for complete healing. But for now I liked the urologist’s attitude about it…so I decided to adopt it. It is good.  We are thankful…so thankful that nothing has gotten worse. We will hang onto the GOOD and smile…..because what I am going to tell you about in this next story shows that….God is LISTENING to our prayers!  =)

How do I know?  You have GOT to read this:

Only in recent years have I started to pray about the doctor we’re going to see.  It might have started when Dayla began having a severe aversion to all doctors; I have developed the habit of praying before I call for a doctor’s appointment;  that the doctor I get will be either the best, or the most understanding, or gentlest, or kindest, or whatever it is I think I need at that moment with that medical situation.  With Sebastian I have prayed for each doctor that has come into our lives, and because he has been hospitalized and had this condition with his kidney, there have been a lot of doctors and a lot of prayers.  When it was time to see a urologist, I remember dialing the number to make the appointment, forgetting to pray, hanging up the phone before someone answered, and then praying for the best urologist that would guide us through all this confusion with Sebastian’s kidneys and conditions. The best, and the kindest.

At the time I was scared. When I started sharing this story via the web, so many people messaged me and said “I had a similar situation with my son/daughter….” and then would proceed to give me advice that ranged all over the board, but the most common advice was:   “my doctor recommended surgery and then my child grew out of it….so do your research before making a decision” or “get a second opinion”.   When I heard all this, at first I was scared, then skeptical.  Then I realized how important prayer was for this.

My first appointment with Dr. Kaplan was nothing short of the most wonderful doctor’s appointment I have ever had.  He was older and so kind.  He explained things and then when he saw the confused look on my face, he asked me if I wanted him to explain it again.  He assured me, “I want you to know and really understand what is going on with your son.”  At the time I felt my prayers had been answered.  I walked out of the appointment feeling like God was good and had answered my prayer with a great, kind urologist.

Fast forward three months, to this last appointment, when I got to hear how my prayer was not only answered, but answered and THEN SOME.

When I was in the room with the ultrasound technician she asked me casually, “Who is your urologist?”  I replied that it was Dr. Kaplan.  “Oh wow!  You must have known who you were choosing.”  Then we spent the next 20 minutes talking about Dr. Kaplan.  I told her, “Oh yes, he is SO KIND, I was so pleased.” She concurred.  Then when I revealed that I, in fact, did not know him, and that I was randomly assigned to him….she then revealed to me that I was the luckiest girl in the world.  She was shocked that I didn’t know who he was and then proceeded to explain to me that he was “the best pediatric urologist there is.” Then she went on to explain to me that he is the urologist that other pediatric urologists study under, that he is the urologist that wrote the textbooks that students read when they are studying to be urologists, and that he is the urologist that people fly from all over the country to get a second opinion from.


“Google him” she said. So of course I did, and I found this:

“Dr. George Kaplan received the prestigious 2007 Pediatric Urology Medal from the Section on Urology. Dr. Kaplan is the chairman of the Department of Surgery and chief of Urology at Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, California. He is also clinical professor of pediatrics and surgery/urology at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine. He was acting chair of the Division of Urology at UCSD 1975–1976 and was chief of Pediatric Urology at UCSD from 1971–1997. Dr. Kaplan is a former trustee of the American Board of Urology. Dr. Kaplan has co-authored one of the gold standard textbooks of pediatric urology, Clinical Pediatric Urology, and has authored over 200 articles and book chapters. He has served as the president for the Society of Pediatric Urology and the chairman of the section on urology of the American Academy of Pediatrics. He is best known for his contributions in reconstructive surgery of the genitourinary tract.”  [Source:]

OH WOW. Remember me praying for “the best and the kindest”…um yeah…..God hears our prayers.

To top off this story, when I went to schedule my next appointment, the lady tried to schedule me with another urologist, to which I replied, “Can I not see Dr. Kaplan?”  She replied, “No, he is not taking new patients;  unless you are already a patient of his.”  Uh yeah…I have had ONE appointment with him…ONE.  That makes me his patient though, doesn’t it?  “Yeah, I am already a patient with him” I reply a bit cautiously. “Oh sure then, no problem!  You can have Dr. Kaplan.” My smile takes over my entire face…and my entire heart. So now Sebastian’s urologist is Dr. Kaplan; the best, and the kindest.  Prayers answered. All praises to God!

So the next time you are wondering if God is listening…to you…little old YOU….the answer is YES.  He loves you just like He loves me….and He is listening.    Isn’t that just the world’s best story?!  I sure love my God.  I can’t wait to see how He answers our prayers next time……

[Sebastian says thanks for reading the world’s longest post…]

Our Answered Prayer...
Professor Sebastian Steals Hearts


We hosted Easter this year for Daniel’s family and it was so much fun!  I remember as a kid that my parents always hosted Easter and I always loved it.

I am hopeful that this will continue to be a tradition for us too!

Handsome little Sebastian in his Easter outfit


Of course we had an egg hunt…




And a chance to capture 4 generations of Sundins…