Through the Months…

Each month I have been taking a picture of Sebastian on the orange chair just like we did with Dayla and the newspaper.  I love doing this to see the growth over each month; it is simply amazing. Here is our little guy through the from one to six months:

*Full six month post coming in a couple days with video and likes/dislikes and fun facts. Also stay tuned for Sebastian’s six month photo shoot!*

Someone Is Pulling Himself Up…

Around May 19th Sebastian started pulling himself to his knees.

My favorite view of his half pull up is when he does it on the coffee table and chews on the glass:

He couldn’t get enough of it and tried it on everything he could.  We knew it was only a matter of time before he pulled himself all the way up.

On May 24th, it seemed like any other day. We put him down to sleep, but then only minutes later we heard some laughing…then we walked in the room and saw this:

Someone was very proud of himself. It has only been 4 days since that first complete pull up…and he has pretty much mastered it now. Like a boss.

Ramona Rodeo

Daniel and I have been to the rodeo once before with friends when we were all pre-kids.  It was such fun last time we went; there is something about being there that makes me feel very American.  You are handed a flag upon entering, the national anthem is sung, prayers are said, honors to soldiers given, and cowboy hats are everywhere.  Last Friday we got to go again; off to the Ramona Rodeo we went with Dayla and Sebastian in tow.


When we passed the pink cowgirl hats, I asked Dayla if she wanted to try one on to which she responded: “I don’t want to try one on.  I really want to buy one and I think if I try it on, I will have trouble not buying one.” She knows that her mama and dad don’t usually buy such things; I couldn’t help but giggle at my 4.5 year olds mature response.  So Daniel and I decided if it were $15 or less, we would get her one.  Off to the booth we went…and wouldn’t you know it:  exactly $15.


Running up to show Dad her new hat


The delight on her face all night as she wore that pink cowgirl hat made our night too.

Sharing sour candy with her Dad

To put it simply: we had a blast.  The bucking broncos, cattle roping, and the beautiful “Rodeo Queens” was the perfect excitement for our little 4.5 year old girl.

Dedicating Sebastian

We didn’t make a big fuss about it…but we wanted to dedicate Sebastian. I love the way that Christian churches do this (a bit different than the Catholic baptism I grew up knowing); asking the church body, family, and friends to hold us accountable to raising our child in a Godly way. Asking them to step in and convict us if we are not.

No fuss…but so meaningful.

Today we dedicated Sebastian at Cornerstone Church in Poway, CA. The bow tie was a big hit with all the ladies.