Brotherly-Sisterly Love

I LOVE having two kids.  I cannot tell you how many days (and how many times each day) I thank God for this blessing.  And the by far the BEST part about it by far is how much they adore each other right now.


  • goes in his room each time he wakes up so she can say hi first
  •  loves to make him laugh
  • loves to set up “trails” of toys for him to follow
  • helps feed him (sometimes)
  • if she is the last to wake up in the morning she will always say hi to him first before she says hi to me or daddy
  • plays with him in the car to make him stop crying
  • gets upset if a friend hurts him (is quick to defend him)
  • delights in dressing him up in things
  • hates (and I mean HATES) being in pictures, but if her brother is in it, she will jump in to be with him!
  • and pretty much laughs at any silly thing he does


  • laughs at Dayla far faster and far more regularly then he laughs at me or his dad
  • and pretty much wants to follow Dayla wherever she goes.

Here are some of my favorite captures of this love:

The toy trail:

Sebastian will sit in here the entire time she takes a bath (sometimes 30 min or more):

And lastly, the love:

Life Around Here

I LOVE summer. This summer has been cooler than usual, which just means it has been even more awesome than usual. Here are just some of the things we were up to this June:

Sebastian found the play kitchen in the beginning of June and now he loves (I mean LOVES) playing there every day:

Daniel made is first batch of jam; freezer jam. Strawberry, Strawberry Balsamic, and Blackberry Lavender. It was YUM.

And his first batch of pickles from our garden cucumbers:

Sebastian got a “brother blocker” made for him so that he too can enjoy some time in the clubhouse with Dayla (without us having a heart attack every time he nears the edge):

A little story behind the next pic: Sebastian has been eating foods for about 2 months now. He is extremely picky and “likes” almost nothing and “tolerates” a few things. He also seems to have a extremely sensitive gag reflex which just means that feeding him has been extremely tricky/limited/frustrating. Then one day just for fun I fed him garlic hummus. HE LOVED IT. He also sucked the juice out of one of Daddy’s homemade pickles and loved that too! Go figure. Sweets/fruits = no. Hummus and pickles = yes.

Here is his hummustache:

The end of June we ventured to the San Diego fair. Fair food, garden exhibits and animals are always our favorite stops. This year was the first year Dayla WANTED to ride a ride! Her first ride ever at the fair:

And that is what life around here has been like so far this summer.


The Garden 2012

This is our second year with the garden. I have officially realized this year that I am NOT into gardening, so pretty much everything you see is thanks to my amazing husband. I do love the harvesting though…and walking out every day and seeing it. Just these pictures give me the world’s biggest smile.

An overall view :

Some details:

Pumpkins are being trained to grow up on the roof! ROOF PUMPKINS!

Some of the bounty so far this year:

Lettuce and Berries (Beginning of May)

Kale (May)

Garlic (harvested in June)

Strawberries (June)

Cucumbers (June/July)

Tomatoes starting to come (July)

Right now we also have a lot that is green. So in the next month we hope to see our pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, young berries, watermelons, and peppers. Will have to do an end of summer blog post to show off those. 😉


The first weekend of June we went camping;  the first night it was just us as a family of four (and it was awesome) and the second day there were 9 adults and 12 kids in three sites (equally as awesome with a huge dash of crazy and chaotic).  The camp grounds were beautiful, the nights cooled down perfectly, and there were great trails for kids super close to our site.  All in all a great time!  Here are our favorite captures from the weekend:

First night photos:

Second day photos:

Sundin Family (mostly):

The Lindsay Family (minus Kristy):

The Dennis Family represented:

And the Dennis family’s AWESOME tent that hooked up to their VW bus (LOVE IT):

The Gaudette Family represented:

The Friesen family:

The baby boys (Sebastian 7 months, Samuel 10 months):

Got to see a bug leaving his shell behind:


The whole group on the last morning:

Can’t wait til next year when all those babies are running around!


Since we have bought our house it seems like it is a least once a week that Daniel will go to Home Depot.  Often times Dayla accompanies him to give mom a break (love my husband). The last time he went, Dayla wanted to make his list for him.  The colors listed are the color flowers they were to get, and the picture is representing who went.

I loved it so much I just had to document it.

4th of July

Fourth of July was awesome.  My two sisters, Therese and Nicole, and Dayla’s cousin Adriana came down for the day to enjoy the local festivities here. It was a beautiful 75 degrees (instead of the 95 degrees last year was) and we had a blast at Old Poway Park once again.  $1 snow cones, period costumes, live music, train rides, train robbers, canon demonstrations, free crafts, and so much more. (Golly, I love Poway)

The guy in this picture below MADE this. How awesome is that?

This year we skipped the hustle and bustle and chaos of going to Poway High School for fireworks and just went up on our roof. We got to wave at our neighbors who were up on their roof and snuggle under the blankets. It was a great end to an otherwise perfect holiday.

Sebastian’s Photo Shoot

When Dayla was little I wasn’t the owner of a photography business like I am now.  In fact it was her sweetness that made me want to open the business and capture other people’s little angels for them.

Although we took a ton of pictures of  Dayla, I was always a little sad that I never really did a photo shoot with her. In light of that, I knew I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me up twice.  Sebastian just reached my FAVORITE baby age (truly the best age for taking baby pictures if you ask me), so I couldn’t resist giving him his own little photo shoot.

I can’t put into words how my heart melts for this little guy.  Maybe your heart will melt for him too the way mine does when you see how he good he is for his Mama’s camera…


six month old baby photography

six month old baby photography

Best Age for Baby Photography

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Here is hoping that he keeps on loving the camera and letting his Mom take lots more pictures!