God Listens Part Two: Yet Another Sebastian Update

Sebastian’s last urology appointment left me speechless. Shocked. I have asked you for prayer time and time again, yes YOU, all of you out there…

this time God said “yes”.

God hears all of our prayers, every single one. He answers them all too. He finally said YES to our prayer. YES YES YES. Thank you, thank you so much Lord.

Better. I won’t go into all the terminology again, all the big medical jargon and details you can find here if you so desire, but for the sake of our sanity, just think “better”; not totally healed, just better.

In March, Sebastian’s urethra and ureter were “the same”, which was “not normal but not problematic”. This was good news. GOOD. This time the urologist got to say, “His urethra and ureter are looking BETTER. We are heading in the right direction!” This news is GREAT.GREAT.NEWS.

This pretty much sums up how we feel on the matter:

Amazing. Thank you Lord. I am humbled. You gave us a gift. Thank you. Please keep healing our baby.

5 Years Old


I can’t believe you are five years old. So much of you is a “big girl”; you have the sass and the drama of a teenager already and have already slammed your first door and threatened to never love me again. I have to tell you: I may tease you about all that some day, but the truth is that I don’t mind. I know that is part of growing up. I know that you are being shaped and molded day by day to become a beautiful woman of God. I know that the passion you have right now to stand up to your Mom, God has designed you that way, and I pray He will one day use in you to stand up for Him!

There is not one day with you that is not an adventure and exciting, and I love that about you. I truly love that I never wonder what you are thinking. You never shut down when you are upset, but articulate things that I don’t even know how to articulate; I love that about you. I love that you are more in touch with your feelings, thoughts, and emotions than any other child I know your age. You articulate things that are profound and beautiful; you continue to amaze me every day. I love that you tell me you hate hugs and kisses, yet you hug and kiss me every day. A part of me even loves that you hate having your picture taken because it makes the rare moments when you let me take them that much sweeter.

You are passionate. You would die for something you believed in. You are funny. You are kind. You are compassionate. You are articulate. You hate clothes, shoes, and socks. You love to dance. You love to read the Bible. You are a great big sister and have yet to get even frustrated at your brother; you have nothing but sweet words, gentle hugs, and genuine love for Sebastian.

Right now my favorite time of the day with you has to be when I am tucking you in at night. You caress my cheek as I sing you “Michael Row Your Boat Ashore”, and I run my fingers through your hair. It is in these moments that I get to hold you close and you don’t fight it; at this time of day that I can smell you and kiss you and snuggle you all I want. Your fight is finally gone, and we both surrender into the moment. The sweet sweet moment. And you tell me about your day and ask me to pray that God will one day give you a baby sister.

Dayla, I don’t know how it is possible, but I love you more and more every day. Tomorrow I will wake up and love you more than I do today. I pray that you will always know how much you are cherished and loved. We can’t wait to see what God has in store for you.

Happy 5th Birthday.


A Party Fit For a Princess- Dayla’s 5th Birthday Party

This year was a bit different: she really wanted her OWN party, and she really wanted it to be a PINK PRINCESS PARTY. Of course if you were at my baby shower for her (where I requested that nothing be pink or girl-y) you know that eyes rolled a bit when she requested a pink princess party, but then I got excited when I saw all the pink princess things in the dollar bins. 😉

I made peace with the whole “princess” thing a while back when I made the connection that God, according to 1 Timothy 6:15, is the “king of kings”, which does in fact make all of his daughters princesses! So instead of this party being a Disney princess party, it was focused on us being God’s princesses. Win for girl and win for mom.

The invitation read:

“If God is our king, then we know that every little girl is truly a princess.

You are invited to Dayla’s Princess Tea Party where all princesses are invited to celebrate her 5th birthday. Please bring your eldest girl dressed in whatever outfit makes her feel the most like a princess. Drop her off for royal tea at the castle, and have her coach come back for pick her up after tea time, princess lessons, and story time are complete.”

The 3 hours couldn’t have gone any better. It was by far the easiest (and cheapest!) party I have thrown yet, and every single girl a one point told me that it was “the best party”. Dayla got to invite 5 of her girlfriends (a tough decision to narrow down!) to have tea served by this big girl princess, followed by story reading, a manners game, dancing, and of course cake and presents. In brief: it was a total success!

Gifts, the reading corner, and the party favors that each princess got on arrival.

We started the party with a reading of a book on manners:

Then we used all of our manners at the princess tea. I so wished I had a video camera going during this tea party, you should have heard all the polite words and kindness! It was beyond adorable!

(All the food was a “wand” of some kind and if you look closely I think you can see the girls turning each other into something in the picture above)

Then we had to use up some of that 5 year old energy, so I thought a freeze dance game to princess music was appropriate. The best part: immediately after I turned on the music, each girl found a partner and started to ballroom dance. This was not suggested by me, it just happened. If this doesn’t prove that each girl has an inner princess innately, I don’t know what does!

I read another story about how God our king will always love us…

And then time for cake and gifts!

Yes, Dayla’s princess outfit was a little too much for her to handle on the 95 degree day, but what I love about these pictures below is that it shows how she really wanted each girl to help her open her gifts because SHE always wants to help others open their gifts when she goes to their parties. I thought that was pretty thoughtful for a 5 year old. 😉

What a day! It was a total delight to see all these girls use their manners and be such good friends to each other. I know that we are beyond blessed to have such princesses in our little girl’s life.

Tooth Fairy

Dayla lost her first tooth! On August 7th her first baby tooth fell out and mom spent the night making a little tooth bag to put under her pillow.

We decided a while ago that we were not going to pretend that the Tooth Fairy is real, but knowing how much fun it is for a child, we did have to do all the usual tooth fairy rituals! The “Tooth Fairy” came while she was sleeping and left under her pillow this little bag with a note and a 50 cent piece.

(We just told her that it was really mom or dad pretending to be the Tooth Fairy…so I apologize in advance if my daughter ruins any of the mystery/pretend/magic for your child!)

Despite the fact that she knew it was really me, you should have seen her excitement the next morning: pure joy. These are definitley the moments that make parenting the best gig in the world.


A warm night; my favorite kind of night. She wanted to ride her bike in her bathing suit and her brother and I were happy to sit on the curb and watch. We all soaked in the last parts of the day as we waited for Daddy to come home. It was everything I love about her and everything I love about summer.

The Perfect Storm

Daniel is the photographer for a big corporate event this week, an event that he needed to rent some camera gear for. Of course, if you know us at all, you will know that Daniel chose to rent some pretty great gear.

Now the night he brought the camera home to pack for his trip, I was pretty grumpy. Headache and hard day. Then he flashed the camera before my eyes and my heart lept a little bit. I asked if I could take a couple shots. Before I knew it, I was shooting away and I didn’t remember about my headache or my bad mood; I had a camera in my hands!

That is not all though. What happened next is the real show stopper….the perfect storm I call it.

All of a sudden, as I was shooting away, something began to happen all around me. The sky softened, the light became perfect right before my eyes…. AND THEN….BOTH my kids were excited to have their pictures taken!!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS HERE AT OUR HOUSE! If you know my Dayla, you KNOW this is a true miracle.

It was the perfect storm. So I did what any photographer mother would do….

You see, this is where it all started. Innocent and simple.

[So glad I caught one of her real smiles…]

Then when I saw it was all coming together into the perfect storm, I ran at lightning speed, grabbed this bucket I have had sitting in the attic, and filled it up with water in record time. This is a series I have always wanted to do with my kids…and IT HAPPENED. I am on cloud nine.

If I never get another picture of my two kids, I will still be happy. Praise God for perfect storms and small miracles. 😉