Ode to Summer

The smell of BBQ’s, freshly cut lawns, marigolds, basil, and yes even the smell of hot vinyl when you open the car door. [All my favorite smells.] That rush of heat that you feel when you walk out of an air conditioned building; not a trace of any chill I have ever had in my body. The warm nights. The sound of laughter and splashing coming from the neighbors pool. Seeing my girl wearing her bathing suit 5 out of 7 days. Her tousled, stringy, summer blond hair against the deep bronze of her skin. Watching an entire watermelon disappear from our house in one afternoon. Picking fresh tomatoes and eggplants and basil from the garden. The sweet smile on her face after she has just acquired an ice cream from the ice cream truck: like life will never get better than it is right there, in that moment. Watching Bash crawl around in nothing but a diaper 5 out of 7 days…watching his “baby” face vanish before my eyes and his “boy” face start to appear.

All of my favorite things are starting to slowly fade away as the sun sets a little earlier and the kids head to school.

Oh summer. How you have my heart. You will be missed.