The First Birthday Party

Sebastian, you love dirt and books. LOVE THEM. You are all boy. If you are outside then you are all smiles and the minute we pick you up to bring you inside you are throwing your head back, arching your back, stiffening your body into full tantrum status.

What better for a first birthday theme then one that involves books, a caterpillar, and being outside in the garden. It just seemed so perfectly “you”.

I had so much fun pulling together all the details for your “The Very Hungry Sebastian” party, knowing very well that you didn’t know the difference, but hoping that one day you could look back here and appreciate it. But I have to say, the real joy was having all the family and friends that drove many miles to be here to celebrate you. WE LOVE YOU SEBASTIAN!

The Very Hungry Sebastian (or The Very Hungry Caterpillar) First Birthday Party:

And what every first birthday is really about…the first cake:

I have to say that I wasn’t surprised that you didn’t really like eating the cake. I love (I mean LOVE) sweets, but when I was pregnant with you, I didn’t like them at all. Your first birthday cake brought you smiles mostly because you liked the way it felt squishing in your hands. You funny boy.

With all his ladies…

And with mom and dad…

Happy Birthday Bash! We love you!

Sebastian Turns One

A year ago you came into the world, all 10 pounds 11oz of you. What a day; a day I will never forget.

Two years ago this month, I had finally given up hoping for another baby to enter my life. After two years of hoping for a brother or sister for Dayla, after two years of hearing Dayla pray almost every night for a baby brother, after two years of dreaming of your face and your little hands, after two LONG years….I decided to pray to God, “If it is not in your desire for me to have another child, I am okay with that, but please just take the desire and longing from my heart.”

I never did stop longing for you, and now here you are, in our arms, as precious as can be.

Just one year ago I got to look at your face for the first time; oh how I dreamed of that perfect, heavenly moment. I got to hold you on my bare chest and feel your heart beat against mine. I got to see your foggy little newborn eyes look into mine. There is no moment sweeter than that.

I never did write your birth story; how I was supported by 4 wonderful women and your dad in bringing you into this world. And how I, with the help of God and some wonderful nurses and a midwife, pushed you into the world, all 10 pounds 11 oz of you. One day I will have to write it. I love the story. I love it mostly because your life started with you surrounded by support, faith, and a whole lot of love. I love it because from the beginning you have been changing people’s lives.

Sebastian. Today you are one. You are walking, full of laughter and life. You love dirt, sticks, balls, outside, climbing, wrestling, and drumming everything in sight. You follow your sister everywhere and she can make you laugh like no one else can. But it is not one sided, you have her heart too. She can be in full tantrum, melt down, then sees out of the corner of her eye, you doing something funny…and laughter breaks out all around. You are a joy and a light to our lives my little one. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for you.

We love you Mr. Bash! Happy Happy one year!

Here is you over the past 12 months:

Happy Halloween!

When Dayla wanted to go as Ariel from the Little Mermaid I tired to contain my excitement…cause you know what that meant Sebastian had to be? We got a lobster costume from a friend (Sebastian in the Little Mermaid is actually a crab) and called it close enough.

First Ariel sings on her rock…

Then she meets Sebastian and they are happy….

…and then …

Tears and all, still a fun Halloween.