I have such fond memories of going to the Nutcracker as a little girl. I just remember the magic that seemed be occurring on stage and being entranced by it.

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This year Dayla has been into watching ballet on TV and YouTube quite a bit, so when the coupon came up for our local Nutcracker production, I was optimistic that this would be the perfect first year to take her.

Boy was it.

I surprised her with a small nutcracker doll and the tickets to the show just a couple days before we went. She was ecstatic. We dressed up and she requested that we get to go out to dinner and make it a “girl’s date”. After a very fancy dinner at Wendy’s (well, at least she has cheap taste?!) we headed over to the Civic Center Theater. When we got there I could tell that the elegance of the theater was making her giddy. We sat in our seats and when the production began her eyes became like silver dollars. She was just as entranced as I remember being myself as a little girl, my heart was so warmed. As other girls around us her age began to fall asleep, Dayla sat on the edge of her seat, asking questions (sometimes a bit too loudly), engaged the entire time. At the end she begged me to take her again…and SOON. It was everything I hoped her first experience to the ballet would be and more!

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