A couple days ago we had rain and I let Dayla and Sebastian go out and play in it. When Dayla was little she would go out in the rain, but age has brought some distaste to it…but with school this year we have had to learn to walk in it and not get too frustrated by it. Sebastian on the other hand is completely fascinated by it right now.

The combination of Sebastian’s fascination and a new umbrella for Dayla made everyone incredibly happy to go out and play. I simply love the dynamic you can see in these pictures….these two kids are so fun together. So many things about these pictures make my heart incredibly happy.








Life in Pictures

One of the best things about having an iPhone is the fact that I always have a camera and a video recorder on me. Here are some of the pictures that I was able to capture.

Real life…

We found a tarantula in our backyard

This is the super kid chart that is up in Dayla’s classroom. I love looking at the self portraits the kids did…it cracks me up every time.

And this is my favorite Sebastian video to date. It was several months ago that I took it…but it makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it.

Bath Time

Baths are hit or miss with you. Sometimes it is a fight, nails digging into the floor the whole way, and sometimes you love it and laugh in there like it is the most magical place in the world.

I love it when it is the latter.

There was a day recently when you were even jovial enough in the bath to let me take pictures of you. I love these pictures. I.love.them.

I love that these pictures capture your joy and your real smile and everything that I love about you. This is you…the real you…the you that is hard to still in a photograph. The you that I really love to be around.


Back in September we had some unseasonably warm days. There were several of those days that I packed a picnic lunch, picked up Dayla from school, and headed to the beach for a couple hours. It was not like “me” at all to want to go to the beach or to be spontaneous like that, but once I realized how much the kids LOVED it, I had to keep going. Joy feeds joy.

Now it is January and the chill seems to be constantly on my bones so I am loving looking at the pictures and video I snapped of those warm September outings.

Oh summer…I can’t wait to see you again.

Sliding Sliding Sliding

With the busy-ness of Dayla’s school always ruling our days and our naps schedules I don’t take Sebastian to the park very much. On the way up to Whittier we stopped at a park for a quick rest and Sebastian had his first slide experience….and I think he was pretty thrilled. We will have to put park dates on our regular “to do” list from now on.

2013-01-05 14.46.31

2013-01-05 14.46.30

2013-01-05 14.43.06

2013-01-05 14.46.33

2013-01-05 14.28.09


One of the things I have personally been working on in my life is trying to be more thankful. Dayla and I talk about being thankful a lot; I think defaulting to thankful is hard for both of us.

Right before Thanksgiving we had our neighbor Mya over for the day and the girls were excited to do a craft. The perfect time to reflect on being thankful! So we made turkeys with thankful feathers. Dayla’s things she was most thankful for that day: arts and crafts, turkeys, My Littlest Pet Shop, my new fish, birds that fly, and Nana & Grandpa & Grandma & Papa & Mama. (I am glad I made the cut!)

Here is to a new year with more thankful hearts!