A Note

The other day Dayla and I were just having one of THOSE days. It was just one of those days that we seemed to be butting heads over nothing. If you have children, especially a daughter that is somewhat like you, I have a feeling you know the kind of day I am talking about.

I found myself apologizing to her more than once for losing my temper and getting frustrated over things that I knew I wouldn’t on a normal day. After a series of events that seemed to look like this:

Annoying childish thing she did –> me getting frustrated–> me snapping at her –> her crying –> me apologizing –> us both crying on the floor together –> rinse, repeat

I went to the garage and came back, I found this note on my desk. It made me choke up. I know that we will continue to butt heads as she grows, and I will continue to have bad days (and she will too). I fear that I won’t always get notes like this that make me smile…


I love that she is old enough to write, and young enough that she still loves her mom and dad and thinks the world of us. It is a happy phase of life that I am definitely appreciating as much as I can.

I sure do love my girl…more and more every single day.

Tea Party

Usually Dayla and I do tea parties when Sebastian is sleeping…you know…since he is the baby brother and all.

The other day Sebastian came out from his nap and saw all the tea party things out. He wanted to know what it was all about. Dayla agreed to let him participate in her next tea party (what a great big sister!)

So today Sebastian had his first tea party. He had all the grace, poise, and manners of a perfect tea party guest. The best little brother a girl could ask for.

2014-03-20 15.25.59


Back in November I met a girl whose husband works at Disneyland. In conversation she mentioned if I ever wanted to get in for free, just to let her know. I told her not to joke about such things, as Disney is SO expensive, and that kind of offer is bound to make a girl cry…or faint.

Just a few months earlier Daniel and I had talked about really wanting to save up and take Dayla to Disneyland in the next couple years. She seemed old enough to enjoy (and remember!) it now…and we were also excited about the idea. But is so expensive, I knew it would be a treat and some time before we could make it happen.

So when we got the offer from this girl with a heart of gold…I got choked up. It felt like an answered prayer….in fact…I am certain it was. Modern day miracles are happening people.

In February, she followed through on the most amazing offer. I couldn’t believe it. All day long I kept pinching myself and thanking God for this opportunity…and thanking God for her! So we left Sebastian with Grandma and Daniel and I took Dayla to Disney.

Dayla doesn’t ride rides, or like meeting princesses…so I was hesitant about going…but with the price tag of “free” it took all the stress out of the occasion. We knew we could go for even just a few hours and not regret a thing.

Well, we went from 8am-8pm and it was the most incredible…MAGICAL…day. Still now I am choked up in gratitude for what a blessing it was…and what a incredible experience it was.

We started the day in Fantasyland (went on Alice in Wonderland), Toontown for lunch, and then headed to all the adventures that you can just discover (Tom Sawyer’s Island and getting the pineapple sorbet in the Tiki Room). We ended the day with a parade and some more rides in California Adventure. The whole day was simply AMAZING.

We spent most of our time just pouring into our little girl, but we did snap a few pictures:



Seeing what Disneyland has to offer…


First stop of course HAD to be Fantasyland:


2013-02-21 11.16.38

Toontown for lunch:



Tom Sawyer’s Island:

2013-02-21 13.31.20




We had a “park-hopper” pass…so we headed over to California Adventure for dinner and a parade:

2013-02-21 15.54.04

2013-02-21 15.40.05




A Red Barn Comes to Our Farm

Daniel and I had talked about how fun it would be to paint our shed/office to look like a barn. Well, I talked about it a few months ago..and this week Daniel DID it. Love that guy.

I am loving the way the peach blossoms look against the red. I have taken to opening up the shades in our bedroom each morning and just staring at it for a bit. Blossoms and a barn…I am one happy woman.

2013-03-03 14.48.51

2013-03-03 14.53.44