Women’s Retreat 2013

This is the second year I have gone on retreat with the women from my church. This church continues to astound me with the abundance of women who are kind and loving, and the lack of gossip and cliques. And not only that but the participation is huge…everyone seems to go to everything…and everyone seems to be so supportive of each other. The first year I was convinced it was just something I wasn’t seeing, but now i know that it is our pastor’s wife (Karen) who works VERY hard at creating this kind of atmosphere.

Simply put: it is amazing.

This year we went to a camp I had never been to before: Thousand Pines It was gorgeous, the grounds were maticulously kept, and the staff was BEYOND helpful and above and beyond on everything. I loved it. I hope we go back here again next year!

Here were some of my favorite parts:




A getting to know you game that had everyone running and laughing!




The group (almost all of us)


The “blessing tree”.



The camp




The group of us riding the bus


Jeanne and I. My sweet (new) dear friend from my bible study and my buddy for the weekend


Grandpa and Nana Visit: Botanical Gardens

Every year my parents come down to Southern California to visit all of us kids (and grandkids) down here. Dayla SO looks forward to the visit and I love seeing how she absolutely ADORES both her Nana and Grandpa.

We always have a couple of fun activities to do and this year one of them was going to the Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas. It is about 45 minutes from our house so we have never been, but I have to say that after this trip I definitely want to go back! It was beautiful and they have a whole section for kids that was very well designed and a lot of fun!

The kids favorite part of the whole thing was a river that came with boats and permission to play in it. 🙂








My favorite part was the bamboo forrest:




Thanks for visiting Nana and Grandpa! We can’t wait until next year!


When I was growing up, my mom hosted Easter at her house for as long as I can remember. We would have the grandparents come over, there was an egg hunt with real eggs (in which Grandpa would always point out the eggs for us!), and my mom would cook asparagus and celery root. My Grammie always brought a bunny cake and my mom never minced words on why this holiday was so important to us as Christians. We ate lamb because Jesus is the lamb of God and my Easter basket was always full of See’s candy (I am not sure why See’s candy…or why the extravagance I am not sure…but I never asked because I just loved it so much and didn’t want to jinx it or make it disappear… EVER.) To me it was the perfect mixture of faith and fun.

I loved Easter.

For the last few years we have been hosting Easter at our house. Daniel’s family comes, even GG (Dayla’s great grandma) makes the trip, we make over the house to fit everyone, and we have an egg hunt and an Easter meal. Many things are different here then from our house growing up, but there is always the same broad smile on my face, and there is always going to be See’s candy.

Here are some pictures from this year:


Bash and Maggie got to go first. Then we layered in the older kids by age to give the smaller ones a head start.






Our neighbor Sawyer joined us for the fun too!


A quick portrait of Grandma, Papa, and all their grand kids:


And this one is 4 generations of Sundins:


A fun year. Happy Easter everyone!

A Ball

Today Bash asked if he could bring a ball when we went to pick up Dayla from school. I was a bit annoyed that we were running late, but I said, “Okay, go get a ball Bash. That is fine.”

He grabbed his newest ball. He carried it all by himself to the car. After I put him in his car seat, I put it in his lap. He carried it like this all the way to school and all the way home…never let it go…smiling like a goof the whole time.

I was dying laughing. Annoyance gone. Love and laughter swells with this kid:

2013-04-24 11.21.05

Teepee Model

In recent days Dayla has not only LET me take pictures of her, but seems to be genuinely enjoying it from time to time. The other day I wanted to test this teepee for a photo shoot idea, and she happily complied. In all honesty it wasn’t the compliance that made me post these…it is watching her grow up before my eyes into such a beauty. She often takes my breath away and today was one of those days.




And other teepee set up day caught another picture I love…