“Photo Journey” by: Dayla

Dayla has always known I was a photographer for my “job”, but I think seeing me in action in her classroom for the Letter Book Project has brought her awareness and interest of what I do to a whole new level.

For the past few months she has been asking to borrow our point and shoot camera so she could take pictures. I usually review them and they are about a 80/20 ratio of terrible/interesting. But it is not the pictures I usually love; I love that she will spend a lot of time going around and looking at things, with a lot of interest, before she snaps the picture. It is really fun to watch her creative process.

The other weekend when Grandma came down while I was gone at retreat, she went on another photo journey. This one has to be my favorite so far so I had to post it. She is definietly getting better at her pictures, and I love seeing what interests her.

I love seeing the world (and our house) from her point of view.












Garden Road School’s Country Fair

I remember when I started management, one of my mentor managers said to me, “My favorite thing about restaurant management is that it is a job that is different everyday. You never know what to expect.” I too loved that about my job. I love to be on my toes and challenged constantly.

Then one day I quit restaurant management and became a mom. Turns out it is pretty much the same thing.

More than once I have commented that I believe management gave me a lot of preparation for parenthood. I use the things that I learned from my employees with my kids all the time. Other similarities include: I feel like every day is different, every time you think you have it figured out it changes, and I never know exactly what to expect.

Enter the day that we went to Dayla’s school’s Country Fair. There are rides, games, booths with all different things, inflatable play things, and of course the play ground to play on. Dayla doesn’t really ride rides, and doesn’t usually do booth type things (doesn’t like people touching her face, doesn’t like to play games she can lose, doesn’t like rides or jumping things, etc.) So I figured we would go and the kids would play on the play ground and we would get to say hi to friends, and that would be that.

Dayla saw some girls getting their face painted and asked if she could. Since it was pretty much free I said of course, but then we found out that the line was taking an hour. When we went to Disneyland earlier this year, Dayla refused to wait in any line that was longer than 20 minutes, saying it “wasn’t worth it”. So I assumed the same….but I was wrong. She was willing to wait. I guessed she would give up after 10 minutes. Again, I found myself looking right into the face of WRONG. I couldn’t believe it! She waited PATIENTLY for an hour and 20 minutes, sat and got her face painted by a boy, and wasn’t scared or grumpy even once. I love seeing my little girl growing up! I love seeing how PEPP and her teacher Mrs. Gosen have taught her so many things and helped her be comfortable in all types of situations!

Here are my favorite pictures from the evening:












When Dayla was just over two years old, there was a day that brought me much joy, all because of some balloons.

I brought home balloons from a photo shoot and they were starting to deflate, but Dayla got a kick out of jumping on top of them and loved all the funny sounds the latex made against her skin. I loved her laughing and the bright colors of the balloons, so I grabbed my camera and captured her. I am so glad I did; they are some of my favorite pictures of her to date.

The other day I had another photo shoot with balloons so I brought them home for the kids to play with. I thought that Sebastian would get a kick out of the balloons the way that Dayla had, but to my surprise he took absolutely no interest in them at all.

Dayla however, Dayla didn’t hesitate to jump in on the fun. And the part that cracked me up the most was that as soon as I grabbed my camera and asked if I could take a picture of her with them, she did with them exactly what she had done back when she was two! So here she is….in 2008…and in 2013….my little balloon girl.

Dayla in September 2008


Dayla in May 2013

Flower Fields

I have the joy and gift of being able to go on four retreats this year! Crazy…yes. While I was gone at this last retreat, Daniel’s mom came and met him and the kids at the Carlsbad Flower Fields. Daniel’s mom tries to go every year…and the kids have a blast. Here are some of this year’s pictures:





Dayla got to find some gold this year. She loved this activity (more than Daniel or I would have ever guessed).





All ended with…


Since Sebastian pretty much never falls asleep in the car, I think it is safe to say that they played hard and had a lot of fun! Thank you Grandma!

Letter Books

For Dayla’s classrooom this year, one of the things I have been helping her teacher with is making photo alphabet books. Each week they learn a new letter, then I go around with the kids and take pictures of some things in the classroom that start with that letter. That Friday I have the book printed at CVS, and if all goes well, I have the book to Mrs. Gosen by Monday or Tuesday of the next week for the kids to look at and read.

It has been a lot of fun being in the classroom with Dayla and getting to know the kids in her class!

Here is an idea of what the books are looking like.