Washing the Car

There are many moments in motherhood that I want to cry, or pull my hair out, or scream. There are many hard days and hours that are so difficult they feel like days.

Then there are times when everything comes together…comes together in a way that I can’t explain…but every parent knows what I am talking about. Those moments that are so rich and full that ones heart simply overflows with joy.

This night was one of those times. Daniel suggested washing the car, it was warm outside, it was my favorite time in the evening, and the kids were having a laughing and singing and having the time of their life.

My heart overflows with joy….









6 Years Old

I can’t believe you are six. All parents say that kind of stuff…but it is shocking really.

I have been telling you that I want to keep you at this age forever; I love you at this age. You are kind, compassionate, and the world’s best big sister to your brother. You are still as passionate as you used to be, although you are starting to understand that sometimes the right answer is to serve others instead of always getting what you want. You are always willing to serve your brother and I love that about you. Everyone tells me that you are so introspective for your age…maybe you have a bit of an old soul.

You are growing Dayla, changing, in the most beautiful of ways. I love watching it. I tell you almost every night that “If God lined up all the little girls in the whole world and told me that I could pick any daughter I wanted, I would still choose you.” It is true. You challenge me and grow me in a way that I could never have grown by myself. I love you so much.

Love you forever,

2013-08-19 18.35.41

For your birthday you chose to go out on a date with me. You have always been a bit of a “Daddy’s girl” so this surprised me; I treasured it for sure. You and I went out on a date for sushi, I asked you a couple questions to try and remember you at this age. I had to hide the video camera as you are not too fond of it still. I love dating you, and I sure love you kiddo.

2013-08-19 18.35.56

My interview:

(The first question was “What is your favorite animal?”)