Garlic Picking

One of the most mystifying and concurrently frustrating things about kids is their desire to participate in something. For example, if Daniel and I try to convince them of participating in something, sell it up, give a million reasons why it is going to be AWESOME….no one wants to join in. But if we try to sneak out back and enjoy some quiet time….within seconds we have little people under our feet.

That is pretty much the story of how picking garlic in our backyard went from garlic picking to full blown game and photo shoot. Kids. Go figure.








Newborn Pictures

When Dayla was born I wasn’t a photographer yet.  When we had Sebastian I was so excited to have my very own newborn model.  I planned all sorts of poses and props and pictured myself photographing him day after day.  The first time I tried to photograph him I learned WHY it is better to go back to work after 3 months, not after one week postpartum.  It is very physically demanding to photograph newborns, and a even more of a challenge to a healing body.

All this to say that my expectations with photographing August were much lower.  My hope was just to get one good shot.  Here is my favorite….

August at two weeks old