Brotherly Love


Sebastian noticed you today for the first time. Don’t be sad, he has known you were here. If I ask, “Where is August?” he will point to you, but he is also just really good at not being interested in what you are doing and tuning you out when you are crying. Don’t be offended that he is not interested, be thankful that he isn’t jealous and has no interest in hurting you like some siblings do.

So anyway August, Sebastian took interest in you today for the first time. You were sitting in your little papasan chair and he walked by, stopped for a second, and did a little dance for you. And you laughed.

Thank you for laughing August. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life, and I am pretty sure you solidified your brother’s love for you for the next 100 years.


The Reichardts

I met Ruby when she was in her mom’s tummy, but I really got to know Ruby when she was just about this age:


The sweetest little girl I have ever met, she stole my heart right away.

Our friendship started first though, Lydia and I’s. I will never forget that first play date; before our girls even walked, we just sat on the floor of my apartment and talked and talked for hours. We talked so long that Ruby took not one, but two naps! I will never forget how comfortable I felt with Lydia, even right away; it felt like we had been friends for lifetimes already.

As our friendship grew, we realized how much we had in common. One of the things we shared was our struggle to start up our own businesses from home. Lydia and I had a conversation one day about how we were both trying to work from home, and as our girls got older, the harder it was to find time. So we came up with a plan! We took each other’s little girls one day a week, giving the other mom time to get all her work done. It was the perfect switch.

Thus began the story of Ruby and Dayla’s friendship.

Craft time, painting time, water play, dress up time…fights and hugs….these girls became almost like sisters. They were perfectly spaced and perfectly opposite personalities, they seemed to get along almost perfectly.

Time went on and Dayla went to preschool and we moved to Poway. Our switches became more infrequent, but every time our girls got together they laughed and played like time had never passed. Then we added some baby brothers into the mix and they got along too. To say the Reichardt family stole our hearts wouldn’t be saying enough. We have laughed together, cried together, hugged long hugs, prayed together, encouraged one another, confided in one another, and rocked each other’s baby’s to sleep. Something about all that makes a friendship run strong and deep…

Then one year ago this month, Lydia and her family announced that they were moving to LA.

My heart broke a little that day that Lydia said goodbye. I know that friends move, and I know that we will always be friends, but saying goodbye to a beautiful woman who had become so much more than a dear dear friend…was a hard hard day.


[Ruby and Dayla’s last San Diego play date]

A couple weeks ago Dayla, August and I drove up to visit Lydia, Ruby, and Elliot. The girls got along together like time had never passed. Elliot adopted baby August as if he was his own little brother (the sweetest thing I have ever seen). And of course Lydia and I talked and talked and talked.

2014-06-21 11.56.16

[Elliot and August]

2014-06-21 11.56.28

I still miss Lydia so dearly, her kids still steal my heart like few other kids do, and as soon as we were driving out of Lydia’s driveway Dayla begged for us to go and visit again. It was so good. Dayla and I both had full hearts and smiles as big as the sun were on our faces as we drove back to San Diego…

I sure do hope we are friends for life.