Goodbye Binky Pillow

When I was a kid, I was a blanket kid. I had a blue blanket that I took everywhere with me…until it became a grey blanket…until it became grey shreds…and then I took a shred everywhere with me. I still have that shred tucked away in a box somewhere.

Fast forward twenty years or so.

I was dating Daniel and and one day I noticed this ugly pillow on his bed. I think I even mentioned how ugly I thought the pillow was to which his reply was, “But it is SO SOFT.” And it was. Amazingly smooth and soft to the touch.

When we got married everything inside of me wanted to get rid of ugly pillow, but Daniel insisted it stayed. It wasn’t long before ugly pillow became my favorite pillow. If we were on the couch together, I claimed it as mine. Daniel even took to calling it my “binky”.

The pillow was my binky. It was my special pillow. This pillow came with me each time I went to the hospital to have a baby. It stayed up many light nights with me as I nursed those babies. It was a comfort pillow, a nursing pillow, and an old friend in a lot of ways. The other day I had to wash it cause it stank….and it pretty much just fell apart. I knew it was a risk to wash it….I gambled and lost.

Today as I look at my daughter carrying around her yellow blanket after 8 years….I realize I have an opportunity to be a good example; to say goodbye with strength and dignity. So today I say goodbye to my binky pillow.

2015-01-20 11.40.58

I sure will miss your cool, soft, comfort…goodbye my little pillow.

First Eggs

Our third set of chickens are now about 8 months old (our first and second set of chickens got eaten by our neighbors dog, but that is another story).

This week we got our first couple of eggs from them…which means we (hopefully) are back to having fresh eggs again! YAY!



Here is a recent picture of our girls:



(The chicken that is not on the roost is named Bolt. Then from close to far you are seeing in order: Penny, Pepper, Apricot, Mama, and Fluffy. We have another one named Orange, but you can only see her beak way down at the bottom of this picture.)

Teepee Version 2.0

Sebastian and Dayla have taken to looking at the pictures on our wall recently. There is one that always seems to draw Sebastian’s attention.


He asks about the teepee. What it is. Why Dayla is in it. Where it is now. “Can I go in the teepee mom?”

The other day when we cleaned out the garage and I found it. I knew I had to set it up. I surprised the kids with the set up…called them out… and of course I had my camera ready.


I think we have another one for the picture wall!

Neighbors and Bananas

It has been crazy having our neighbors always at our house, but I love it too. I love being a part of their lives and watching them grow up. When we moved in, Adam was younger than Sebastian is now, and this year he went to Kindergarten. Crazy.

We got new neighbors this year back in the summer time. However, even with the increase in quantity of kids on our street, I feel like the neighbor kids don’t come over as much any more. It makes me sad. I miss them. Dayla is often too shy to invite them over…and I think the older kids are becoming too busy or too cool to come over anymore.

The other day some of them came over. Maya and Sawyer (the oldest two on the street) were missing and Isabelle and August (the youngest on the street) were both napping, but the middles were all here.

We just hung out like we usually do. This time I found some funny face stickers and let them decorate all the fruit in my fruit bowl. They thought it was the best game ever. And I thought it was the best thing ever when they asked me to take pictures of their banana creations.










I was excited at the opportunity to capture these guys at this stage in life. Part of me hopes I will be getting to take their prom pictures too. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Christmas 2014

The last 3 years we have made a point to have a Christmas celebration of some kind with just us and the kids. I love it for so many reasons.

This year was August’s first Christmas. He loved the wrapping paper the most. Sebastian’s big gift from us was a trampoline. A huge hit. Dayla’s big gift was a “My Password Journal” which is any girls dream (only YOUR voice and password can open your journal…what girl doesn’t love that?!) My favorite gift was a calendar that Dayla made (she impresses me with her artistic skills!). Daniel got a box joint jig from me. We also open Nana and Grandpa’s gifts which the kids love…books books books! We love books!

But all that being said, the best part to me is always just the quiet, sweet, family time. Such happy memories being made.