Monkey August Has A First Birthday Party

August is a mover and a shaker, and if you couple that with the fact that he loves to climb, be tipped upside down, and absolutely LOVE bananas…..a “Monkey First Birthday Party” seemed like the perfect fit.
I personally feel like the 1st birthday party is an excuse to “GO BIG”.  I love coming up with a theme and decorating…and Daniel and I both love having everyone we love right here in our home with us.  
August is our 3rd child, but I would beg to say that we put the same amount of time, effort, decorations, food, and love that we put into our first child’s and our second child’s 1st birthday parties. Being a youngest myself… I wanted August to know that he is just as special and loved as our other two….because that he is.
We had a great turn out of 40+ friends to celebrate our little guy with us.  August just bombed around, up and down, through all the big kids, getting ice out of the cooler and laughing at it all.  When his safety seemed like it was in danger I would pop him in his high chair and he was just as content to sit there and watch all the chaos and people who had come to celebrate him.


2015-04-25 15.34.10
When the cake came out, a bazillion VERY LOUD big children gathered around him and shouted the “Happy Birthday” song…and little August didn’t cry or even flinch…he just kept on smiling….and then he ate cake.

God held off the forecasted rain until right at the party’s ending time….the food was plenty…and the love of friends warmed the whole place.  It was a great way to celebrate one great little monkey.



Mama and Son Time

Sebastian’s naps still take up most the time that Dayla is away at school, so I feel like I am missing that precious time with just he and I.  Every once in a while I am jolted by the fact that Sebastian is growing up fast and will be off to school before I know it, so we push back his nap or skip it all together for a little date.
This time we went to the mall.  We had a cake pop from Starbucks, walked around to play with all the fountains, and rode all the escalators.  I have to say it was probably my favorite day of the whole month. We had no agenda….just spent a lot of time walking around and laughing. Sweet, sweet times.


2015-04-28 10.41.35
2015-04-28 10.04.50
2015-04-28 10.00.05

August Milton’s First Birthday

Just a couple days before August’s 1st birthday monkey extravaganza party was his actual birthday.  Turning one is no small thing, so of course we needed to have cake.  As an added blessing my parents (Grandpa and Nana) were here with us on their annual trip, so they brought gifts and we made it a special little birthday party in Balboa Park.


I don’t often have the time or capability to sneak my kids away for portrait sessions like I always thought I would be able to.  Have you heard the phrase, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”?  Well it also turns out that the photographers’ children don’t have portraits too.  So when there was a respite at Balboa Park, Nana and Grandpa had taken the big kids and Daniel to some museums, I was beyond thrilled to have all the things I needed for an impromptu portrait session: my big fancy camera, a beautiful location, an adorable outfit change, and August, the willing model.  It all worked out so wonderfully! I was praising God the whole time!


Here is what I got:


August Milton| One Year Old

August, you are a light and a joy in all of our lives.  It is so easy to get you to smile and laugh; you light up the room. And really, more than happy, you are content.  I do hope you teach me the secret to being content.

Here are some things about you right now:

  • You have 10 teeth now, 2 more on the way.
  • You eat pretty much anything as long as I can cut it up and you can feed yourself; spoons are  just not be your thing.
  • You are a pretty busy little guy too.  Steps for a long while now, but I would say the official confident walker was 11 months….and now you are almost running.  You navigate up and down steps and you go, go, go.
  • You dump toys and I can’t tell if it because you are super curious or if it because you love the crash.  Just yesterday you put your first toys back IN the box…mommy cheered.  😉
  • Oh yeah, the other day you danced for the first time…it was perfectly awesome.   A little body rocking side to side.  You definitely seem to love music August.  You can be in a full out cry and if I start singing “if you are happy and you know it, clap your hands” you will stop crying and start clapping.  It makes me laugh every time.
  • AND…YOU LOVE and peak a boo.  I dont know how I could almost forget to write about “Peek A Boo”.  You are crazy for it.  Honestly, it is the only way I can change your diaper.  For months now as soon as I lie you on your back for a change you are up within seconds, rolling away at first, and now off running within 30 seconds or less.  But Peek A Boo!  If I say, “Where’s August?” you will sit there still and play with me until the cows come home.

But all that being said, more than any toy, any crash, any song, any game, or any THING…you still love people the most….and we sure do love you!


Happy First Birthday August Milton!


Easter 2015

I would say that I am still adjusting to life with 3 kids. I truly love everything about having 3 kids, I wouldn’t change it for the world, but there is definitely a different and new busyness of life.

I absolutely love hosting Easter and hope we get to do it again soon, but this year I felt 2 weeks behind in life and Easter was here before I even had a chance to think about hosting it or inviting others. The result was a very low-key Easter celebration with just us 5. Since Easter is my favorite holiday, it was a little more low-key than I generally like, but it was still pretty great.

Our Easter day pretty much just consisted of bible stories and an egg hunt:












By far the best part of the holiday for me was watching Dayla be the world’s kindest big sister to Sebastian. I hope he knows one day how lucky he is to have a sister who is as thoughtful, kind, and loving as she is.

He is Risen! He is Risen INDEED.

Happy Easter!

Dying Easter Eggs

I don’t know exactly where Sebastian learned about the idea of dying Easter eggs (he is too young to remember doing it in previous years) but he was SUPER excited to do it this year. He kept asking me every day if it was the day to dye Easter eggs yet.

Dayla likes dying Easter eggs too.

So the Saturday before Easter while August was taking a nap…eggs were dyed.










The kids were so much more into it this year. Instead of the usual silliness and dropping eggs here and there, techniques were discussed, taught, and tried. It was a lot of fun…and I have a feeling from here on out it will only get better.

Happy Easter!