Swim Class with Sebastian

In July we took Dayla to swim class at our local community center. She was a total rockstar and did amazing in her class!

Sebastian seemed beyond not interested in joining any kind of swim class…that was until the last day of Dayla’s class when he watched his sister jump off the diving board (and the high dive! We were so proud of her!)

His eyes became big as saucers, “Can I do that too?” (I asked to confirm) “No Sebastian, that is only for kids in swim class.” “When can I take swim class?! I want to jump off the diving board!”

And so he began asking daily when he could take a swim class. To be honest we were a bit skeptical, but we decided to jump on this train and sign him up for the first fall swim class offered. Boy, are we glad we did!

His first day:

2015-08-25 16.17.56

2015-08-25 16.21.25

2015-08-25 16.25.29

2015-08-25 16.26.26

Sebastian totally LOVED IT.
He was super sad on days he didn’t have swim class.
He cried when it was over.
He totally rocked it.
Here he is on his last day:







Yes, on the last day, he jumped off the diving board. And the high dive. He is 3 years old. Amazing.

2015-09-17 17.04.23


Today is the day that I realized there are angels watching over my kids.

August woke up from nap, pulled down a mirror in our room, climbed out of the pack n play, and was playing with the broken pieces of glass when I walked in the room. We never heard a crash. We have no idea how long he was playing with the shards. By some incredible miracle, he has not one injury, not one scratch.

Angels I tell you, angels.

2015-09-21 17.44.04

2015-09-21 17.47.42

2015-09-21 17.48.00

2015-09-21 17.50.20

And yes. He is officially done sleeping in the pack n play. Not even one more nap. WOW.