Halloween in March

It is March. Sebastian asked how close Halloween was to March. I explained. And explained. After days of explaining that Halloween is NOT close to March, he seemed to accept the matter. Then after days had passed, out of the blue he asked if I could please make a sign for our front door….to let everyone know that his favorite holiday is Halloween.

Totally dude. Totally.

2016-03-06 08.20.39

Sea World

I LOVE Sea World.  We just took the kids for the first time this year.  They are all at a really good age for it.  August loves to see EVERYTHING.  It is super cute. Bash is learning all about animals and absolutely delights in getting to see them in real life. Dayla is now at the age where she can read at each exhibit and is enjoying learning and taking it all in.  It is really really fun.



Daniel and I have been to Sea World together a total of 2 times.  BOTH times he has managed to be “the guy called up from the audience”.  I think it is because he is so handsome.  😉


I love that Sea World is interactive, although August is not so sure about the slime.



In the “Bay of Play” area:








Dayla has always gotten so nauseous from cars that she has stayed away from rides for years..but today she rode!




I think it is safe to say they had a blast and can’t wait to go back.