Step Three: New Office

At the beginning of this year we realized we wanted to give Dayla her own room, which lead to a three step room make-over.  First the living room updated, second Dayla’s room transformed, and last a new work space that Daniel and I could share.

Our shed got transformed to a work space a few years ago (thanks to the amazing advice and help from Daniel’s dad), but this year we needed to make it into a office and storage space that Daniel and I could share for years to come.

I really wanted a work space that I love to be in, but is also not too girly for Daniel.  Last December we spent a few days in San Antonio and we realized that we both really liked the “industrial” style decor that is exploding in popularity. San Antonio had some amazing examples of it at Hotel Emma, Local coffee, Cured restaurant.  Gorgeous spaces.  We love the mixture of modern, the metal, and the wood.  We plan on adding burlap coffee sacks to the wall to give it our own twist. We dreamed up a design for our office…

It started with our vision of a desk that we could share.

2016-03-23-20-57-16 2016-03-26-07-59-52 2016-03-27-20-00-08 2016-03-28-21-25-37 2016-03-28-21-25-41





Shelves for Sundin Photography stuff:



Our office is not exactly the way we want it yet, but it is getting there and we love it!


Lindsay Kids

Yesterday I watched the Lindsay kids.  What I meant to say was I GOT TO watch the Lindsay kids.  I love these kids so much…not only because they are great kids with big hearts, but they seem to bring out the best in my three monkeys. They just jive.  It is a huge blessing to have them in our life.

I knew I had to snap some pictures from our day because I want to remember how sweet friendship can be.  I pray my kids always have friends like the Lindsay kids….that make them laugh, bring out their best selves, understand them and their quirks, comfort them, and love them with a sweet love.

2016-05-31 12.01.41 2016-05-31 15.49.56  2016-05-31 09.32.14


The boys playing dress up….cause that is what boys who have older sisters like to do.  😉

We have a black bird, a peacock, and a phoenix. Makes me laugh out love and melts my heart all at the same time.


2016-05-31 09.32.27