August’s First Day of Preschool

Daniel and I had no idea how August would do at Preschool. When we did the open house before school started he was shy and wouldn’t even leave our side, but when he was in Sebastian’s classroom with me last year (while I volunteered) he would sit right there with the big kids (he even moved around less than a lot of them!).

I am excited to report that he was an EXPERT on the first day…not one tear. He walked right in like he had been doing it for years. He grabbed his name and put it in just like his teacher instructed, then sat down on the mat and waited for the other kids to show up. So cute. He was SO ready.

August’s teacher is “Mrs. W” who used to be “Ms. Culllison” with our other two kiddos. She is the MOST amazing preschool teacher and we are so blessed to get to have her for all three of our kids. I have a feeling it is going to be a great year!

Dayla’s 11th Birthday Party

Over the years I have done amazingly elaborate themes and decor for Dayla’s birthday parties. Last year when Dayla turned 10, we talked a lot about how that would be my last “over the top” party for her. She was very kind and very understanding (mostly because she sees how much work it takes me!) and happily settled for a “tuned down” party this year.

It was fun brainstorming together ways to still make it a fun party, but with a lot less work. The thing that helped the most was that Dayla agreed to invite only 3 friends AND did a LOT of the decorations and preparing on her own (this mama is SOOO proud…wait until you see!!)

I love the wonderful woman that my girl is growing up to be. She is confident and strong, but also so sweet, thoughtful and empathetic. She is the perfect balance of both toughness and softness; I just know that she is going to be one of the world’s most amazing women.

Happy 11th birthday sweet Dayla! Thank you for all your help planning and executing this beautiful, “Night at the Movies” themed party!! I LOVED everything you made…it all turned out great and we had such a fun night!