Sebastian’s 7th Birthday Party

This year Sebastian has taken up a new love of dominoes. Not playing the game of dominoes so much as stacking them, making knockdowns, and doing incredible chain reactions with them. When I asked him what kind of birthday party he wanted, it surprised none of us when he said, “A DOMINO PARTY!”

I enjoyed making this into a party theme! We decorated with dominoes, made a domino cake, had a domino pinata, and ate Domino’s Pizza!

Sadly the party didn’t go exactly as Sebastian or I imagined it would. We were hoping that some friends would come over and calmly learn his love of dominoes and build knockdowns with him. We even intentionally invited the calm boys from his class, or boys who have mentioned liking building with dominoes. However it turns out that when you get 7 boys in one place, it becomes Lord of the Flies very quickly. Let’s just say that after the party Daniel and I turned to each other and thanked God for our amazingly calm boys that he gave us!

It wasn’t a total hit, but it wasn’t a total bust either. Sebastian had a good time and got some great gifts….and now we have some calm one-on-one domino play dates on the books too. 🙂

Sebastian Turns 7

On the eve of your 7th birthday, I find myself emotional. Every year on your birthday, I take a moment to reflect on how hard it was to get pregnant with you. I remember the tears. The waiting. The praying. I thank God that He gave you to us. I thank God for his perfect timing (4 years younger than your sister). I thank God that you gave Dayla her first sibling and helped to make me a mom of boys as well as a mom to a girl.

Sebastian, you will always be the child that we hoped for; the child I dreamed of holding in my arms for 2 years before I was able to. You were prayed for. You are so loved. By us all. You will always be the middle child, but I always pray that you know how crazy loved you are.

When Dayla talks about you, she knows how lucky she is to have a brother like you. I think you may still be her best friend. August wants to be your best friend, but I don’t think he is quite into that ranking yet in your eyes. Both your siblings love you and admire you Sebastian, because you are just that special to us all.

Bash, you are sweet and kind. You are the perfect middle child because you are immensely flexible and easy-going. You constantly surprise us, keep us all on our toes, and amaze us Sebastian. You know how to be both intensely quiet and intensely chatty. You can sit in a room and just take it all in, like you are surveying and memorizing the entire scene…but you also are the only kid we have that will walk up to a stranger at a park and strike up a a conversation. You are extremely confident. You are wicked smart. You are wildly independent in that you often fix your own breakfast, find your own things, and would probably walk a mile to the corner store and buy me a gallon of milk if I asked you to. But you also love to be around people; in fact the thing that we love and admire about you the most is your ability to get along with just about anyone. You are loved by everyone in your class, but you also are the kid who will not play with anyone at recess because you want to help pick up trash on the playground. Some days you brag about your abilities, some days you are humble. You can go weeks without crying…but when you do cry, it is almost as if the whole world is closing in. Some days you are mellow and calm, and some days you are INTENSE and passionate. You are the perfect kid to win a raffle because you scream and jump up and down and have the best reactions. Whatever mood you are in, whatever side of you we have, we love them all.

Happy 7th birthday Sebastian “Bash” Victor. Dad and I are so blessed to be your parents. We love you so much.