Oh baby girl. Right now my heart fills up again; you are the most beautiful thing that I have ever laid my eyes on.  Asleep.

I don’t often get to watch you sleep as you are a light sleeper and a grumpy wake-up-er, so I rarely take my chances.  But today you asked to sleep on the couch in the middle of the living room, and seeing no harm in your change of location request I gave the go-ahead.  Now I get to peak out of my door in the utmost of stealth and watch your sweetness.  Your chest rise and fall in the most perfect of rhythm and your angel face lay so peaceful.  The words earlier exchanged, the tantrums, the time outs, the pushing every button that mommy has…none of it seems to matter anymore.  Neither of us are close to perfect and we are still learning to navigate one another and this world and all around us…and it is hard…but I tell you that I thank God for the moments like this because I am reminded that there is no other little girl in the world that I would rather be doing this “motherhood” thing with.

Sleep well my sweet girl, I love you.



One thought on “Asleep”

  1. Sweet words! What a special moment God gave you since you don’t usually get that chance. This is exactly why I peek in on the girls every night. Ends my day right…no matter how crazy a day it was. Always reminds me of how blessed I am. There is just something so wonderful about a sleeping kid.

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