When I was learning to paint, I remember having many tear filled moments. I wanted to paint realism. I wanted to paint what I saw, but I never could get it on paper the way that I wanted it to look, God just didn’t gift me with the talent of realism. There were two things that my mom said regarding painting, (my mom, also a very talented painter!) that at the time when I was learning to paint were simply the perfect words for her teenage daughter to hear… and now as an adult are still words I live by.

“Do what God made you good at”
“There are no mistakes in art”

It didn’t take me long to realize that God did not make me a realist painter. However, I know that He did make me an artist and I every day love finding ways to express my artist side and love using it to glorify Him. But the real point of this story is to share that Dayla is turning out to be a lot like her mama. She often resists things that she can’t do “right” on the first try, so the first time she cried after painting something, I was excited at the chance to pass along my mom’s wisdom. I told her that “there are no mistakes in painting” and from that day forward, this little girl LOVES picking up a brush and painting her heart out. I think she would paint every day if I let her, and I simply love it.

We haven’t had tears over painting in a long time, but sure enough just a few days ago when we were painting some frustration surfaced. She picked up her painting and threw it across the table, crossed her arms against her chest and let out a very loud “OOOOOooh!”

“What is wrong?” I inquired. “It doesn’t look right” she responded with a pout. “Why? How did you want it to look?” “Well,” she replied, “I didn’t want it to look like a blue bush wearing a sock.”

So I look down and see this and I can’t help but laugh out loud until my belly hurts.

“It totally DOES look just like a blue bush wearing a sock!” I sputter between chuckles. Then she catches my giggles and we laugh together for a long time. I tell her it is my favorite painting of hers that she has ever done. She smiles ear to ear.

We are two girls …wishing we were realist painters…but learning to appreciate ourselves just the way God made us…and trying to laugh about it all along the way while we paint our hearts out.

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