100th POST!!!!

LEAVE A COMMENT to celebrate this 100th post on babymeatball!!!!
Whether you have never left a comment or you leave one every time, give us a little shout out this time to help us celebrate! We would love to know you are enjoying this journey with us!
We thank God everyday for our little meatball Dayla. Thank you so much for coming to this site and sharing in the most amazing part of our lives.

It all began with…

…and grew to…

…one week old…

…to now.

17 thoughts on “100th POST!!!!”

  1. My oh my, and hasn’t it been a fun ride for all of us? I’ll be the first to shout, “YES!”
    Thanks so much for keeping this up to date and keeping all of us in the loop. I know I get to see her pretty often, but I really miss her (and you two, too) when I miss a week.
    Can’t wait to celebrate the bicentennial…

  2. We LOVE all 3 of you and are so thankful for your family! We were just talking about that day when Beth & Sarita got to help Ginette through the contractions while Justin & Jason distracted Daniel on the wii. It is such a great memory! Now look at her, so beautiful!

  3. love it! keep up the posts — it’s so much fun for me to catch up on all Dayla and Sundin family goodness. xoxox

  4. Great! Now maybe it’s time to transition from “baby meatball” to Baby Dayla”.
    Happy Father’s Day Daniel!

  5. Wow- She has grown so much in such a short time. Dayla is really a wonderful baby and you two bless us all in sharing her amazing journey of growth with us. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with us and letting us see her grow- daily – even from far away. Happy Father’s day Daniel and congratulations to you both on 100 amazing posts!!!
    We love you lots!

  6. I have loved every single post! Dayla is so cute. I just want to kiss those cheeks! I’ve especially enjoyed watching Mom & Dad fall more in love with her every day.

  7. I check my email when I take a minute to sit down and rest from a busy day. Your posts are a special treat, always fun and happy, just when I’m looking for a pick-me-up! Thanks.

  8. Happy 100th! I love that I can keep up to date with Dayla and see how she’s growing even though I live far away and don’t see her very much. Love you guys =)

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