4th of July!

Since moving to our house in Poway, we have been over and over again amazed, pleased and have completely fallen in love with our new city.  It has a small town feel but with all the conveniences of a big city.  It is the perfect balance of big and small: people who say “hi” to each other at the grocery store and help you when your hands are full, sounds of cows and roosters and birds in the morning, but there is also a Target just down the street.   Simply stated: we love it here.  It is so fun to note that this weekend last year we were moving in, unpacking the moving truck and piling boxes up in our new home, and now we are residents, home-owners and full time “Powegians”!

This year we decided to try out the local 4th of July festivities, and once again we were not disappointed. Complete with old man band playing patriotic tunes, snow cones, trains, free 4th of July crafts, writing letters to soldiers’ overseas, locals dressed up in period costumes, mock gun fights, potato sack races, and an abundance of American flags, sticky hands, laughter and fun.  The Lindsay family joined us for the fun and it was hands down one of my favorite 4th of July celebrations ever.


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  1. More pictures! More pictures! (it’s been awhile since I’ve been really jealous of you guys hanging out!) gotta love Poway huh?? So, where can I see more pics?

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