Hume Lake

We just got back from a trip up to Hume Lake. I (Daniel) went to camp there back in high school. We now go as a family trip with my parents and other family friends and stay in the lodge. It’s nice to get away from computers and cell phones for a while and spend time outdoors. It is especially nice since Hume Lake has tons of amenities. On this trip I played a half-dozen games of disc golf, swam and kayaked in the lake, did a couple shuttle-run bike rides, shot some hoops, and ate way too much junk food (thanks Mom).
Dayla was entertained by all the other kids and loved sharing the bike trailer with her cousin James. Despite our best efforts with tons of sunscreen Dayla managed to get even tanner.
Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Dayla the Cowgirl

My Girls

All the staff participated in a relay race where they had to grab a vegetable with their teeth out of a bucket of water.

The Family

A dam picture

The extended group of family, friends, and friends of friends we hung out with during the week

Ginette ready to go on her first real bike ride in 2 years. She had to use Simon’s (too large) bike. She did great.

Me dominating King’s Canyon

Cousins by the lake. We triend to pose them on the adirondack chair you see in the background but they wouldn’t have it. Strapping them in to their strollers was the only option.

More Pictures Here

4 thoughts on “Hume Lake”

  1. “Cousins by the lake” give one the perspective that Hume is just a puddle. Hey, It’s a mile long (which I couldn’t quite swim this year.)

  2. all the pictures are great, but I especially liked the first two, those were amazing, but than I scroll down to the third and whoa! some ladie running with a what in her mouth!! wow that was a surprise! lol

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