Baby Signs

Baby signs is, like it sounds, a basic form of sign language for babies. The concept is that your baby can communicate basic things like more, all done, bath, cat, dog, hat, etc. before they actually learn to talk.
We have been trying to teach Dayla baby signs for months with no real progress. Ginette is actively reading books to Dayla and showing her how to do the signs. I have been “teaching” her by plopping her in front of the Baby Signs DVD when I get ready in the morning.
Just tonight she did her first, legitimate sign. It was truly awesome. Check out the video below.

5 thoughts on “Baby Signs”

  1. That’s AWESOME!!!! She has grown up so much in these last two weeks! CRAZY! And that is one huge clap!

  2. I’m so impressed. I really enjoy seeing her videos and pictures. Yes, she really gets into her clapping!

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