20 Weeks

When Daniel and I announced that we were pregnant at our Young Married’s church group several weeks ago, three other couples all announced that they were expecting too. (we are all due within one week of each other). One of the most fun things for me is seeing how pregnancy is affecting us all completely differently. When we talk I constantly realize what a miracle God is performing in our bodies each day…and how each body is handling it in a completely unique and beautiful way.
So here I am at 20 weeks. Others have told me they are jealous I am not showing very much yet, and I am jealous of the others who look pregnant. But I suppose all in all it is just the way God wants our bodies to be! 🙂

3 thoughts on “20 Weeks”

  1. Ginette…you look so cute and no you can’t really tell that you are pregnant yet! But most first time moms don’t show until around 6 months…so all of a sudden one day Miss Meatball will just pop out your tummy! 🙂
    (Sorry, your nurse friend had to put in her two cents)
    Love ya, Jen

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