My Day With Dad

From the desk of Dayla

I spent my entire Saturday with Dad. I was a little nervous since I usually hang out with Mom but I tried to be optimistic. Surprisingly, I had a really good time. Dad was a little rough around the edges but he gave me a lot of attention. Click the link below to see my account of the day.

My Day With Dad Slideshow

6 thoughts on “My Day With Dad”

  1. We enjoyed the heck out of watching your whole day. Looks like it was a ton of fun!!!! Jenna wants to play with Dayla at the park.

  2. Daniel you did great! I need to set something like this up…not the pictures, but the dad and baby WHOLE DAY!

  3. That was the cutest slideshow! I was wondering how dad & daughter were going to do without mom. Way to go, Daniel! I’m proud of you.

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