11 Months

11 months has come and gone. 1 year here we come.
The newspaper picture. Dayla ripped it off the wall .5 seconds after I took this picture. She can now “cruise” by holding onto objects and walking. She can even stand for a few seconds by herself as long as she isn’t paying attention.

She loves to climb into and onto things. However, she isn’t very good at getting out or down.

We bought a bike trailer off Craig’s List a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, Dayla prefers to climb in and out of it while it is parked on our balcony just like it is her own personal playhouse. She also likes to smash her face against the side.


Dayla loves the bath and the pool. Occasionally she spends too much time in there as you can tell from her wrinkly foot.

7 thoughts on “11 Months”

  1. The pasghetti picture grossed me out. I am confident she will be a great deal neater when she stays with us this week.

  2. Dayla just exudes cuteness! What a great year this has been watching her grow. I can’t wait to see her again.

  3. I miss you guys so much! These are again, great pics. I love the smashed face and the foot pic, Ginette you look beautiful in it! Love you guys..wow..a year already!

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