5 Years

Last Saturday we celebrated our 5 year anniversary. To celebrate, we piggybacked a vacation on to a destination wedding outside of Vancouver, Canada for our friends Dave and Jody. It was a great second honeymoon trip since Grandma Sundin watched Dayla in LA for us. A few pictures of the trip are posted below. If you would like to see them all click on the link at the bottom of the post.
Dave and Jody’s wedding

Ginette and Jennie on a bridge over Little Qualicum Falls outside of Parksville

A picture of us on the balcony of our hotel overlooking Vancouver. We used a couch tripod for this shot.

The below pictures are courtesy of Grandma Sundin. She sent these to us while we were on our trip to reassure us that Dayla was being well cared for.

Reading books with cousin James in the crib.

I get all this!?!?

What is this thing? Mom never gave me one of these.

Click Here to see all our pictures from the trip

5 thoughts on “5 Years”

  1. Grandmas are awesome. Way to spoil the baby while Mommy and Daddy were away…if even only with photos. Tee hee. Congrats to you both on your 5 year anniversary!

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