Birthday Girl in Birthday Suit Meets Birthday Cake

Dayla celebrated her first birthday today! Although her official birthday party will be Saturday, I wanted to bake a birthday cake so I could have uninterrupted photo craziness. I was inspired by Daniel’s cousin who took pictures of her son for his first birthday (also August!) Thanks Eva!

So here is Dayla on her birthday, in her birthday suit, meeting her first birthday cake.

First off, little Logan (the inspiration)

The first birthday cake I have ever made, not yet aware of its opponent.

Dayla meets her birthday cake.

Just one taste should suffice.


Want to taste Dad?

All done!

Am I all done?

Just one more lick!

9 thoughts on “Birthday Girl in Birthday Suit Meets Birthday Cake”

  1. Happy Birthday Dayla!!
    Wish we could be there to celebrate with you.
    I love the “All Done” shot. Great idea with the cake and great pics (as usual)!

  2. Awesome! There is hardly any cake left at the end…did she really eat it all, or did mom and dad get some too? 🙂

  3. Wow! That was fabulous. I enjoyed every photo. Dayla looked like she was having a blast. I’ll bet you guys enjoyed watching the process unfold. She will laugh when she sees those pictures in a few years. Who got to clean up the mess?

  4. I love Dayla and all her cuteness and messy glory- man what a sugar fix she must have had! Love the all done and the action photo of her hands in that mess of sugary cakey goodness.. Can I have a piece Dayla? Happy Birthday lil D- We wish we were there!!

  5. Happy Birthday Dayla!!! LOL These pictures are Great! I haven’t seen a baby attack a cake like that since…Ethan was close but I think that’s because it was ice cream. It looks like she thoroughly enjoyed her big day!

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