Birthday Party Madness

As many of you know, Dayla has the privilege of having 4 baby friends that were all born within a couple weeks of her. This is a blast for us…but in August it equaled “1st Birthday Party Madness.” In fact 3 of the parties were all on the same Saturday at different times! I am proud to say that we made it to all 3 parties. The weekend after was Dayla’s 1st birthday party. Here is a record of the events. It was a blast and we are so blessed. (If you are good at math you are wondering why we only attended 3 parties. This is because Dayla’s friend Haley lives in Austria. Although we were invited to her party too, we decided to pass due to the long flight and all.)
Ethan as birthday boy.

Dayla found a lawnmower to play with at Ethan’s. Doesn’t she look like she needs a beer in her hand too?

Yzzy as birthday girl.

The activity at Yzzy’s party was finger painting. It was wicked awesome! (Kaitlyn pictured)

Ellie as birthday girl.

At Ellie’s party Dayla found some shades. Looking cool, looking cool.

Dayla as birthday girl.

CLICK HERE to see all the pictures from Dayla’s 1st birthday.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Party Madness”

  1. Party week for the girls, what fun! Great pics–fun to see.
    Great Dayla’s party pics, too. Thanks for the memories (and copies). I enjoyed it all over again.

  2. awww the party looked fun! love dayla’s belly!gnet i want some snickerdoodles!!!! and chocolate-free chocolate chip cookies!

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