Dayla and Ellie’s 4th Birthday (A Dress Up Party)

Thinking, planning, dreaming, talking about it for months. The biggest difference of this year’s birthday party was that it was the first year that Dayla (and Ellie) were really excited and cared about what would be at their party. So, being the first time moms that we are, we took a lot of joy in this new little development and let them have a lot of say in what would be at the party. Ellie’s requests were: all her friends dressing up, music, cakes (not cupcakes), and balloons. Dayla requested: balloons, the bounce house, cake for the birthday girls and cupcakes for everyone else (and for some reason “no boys”). I loved that their requests were not extravagant (the bounce house would be if we didn’t have the gift of being able to get one for free!)…so we took their ideas, added some pink and purple to the mix, kept it nice and low-key…..and had a great time celebrating two little sweet girls turning 4.

The Birthday Princesses:

Bouncing and dressing up…

The birthday cakes for the birthday girls (I was so excited to get this Barbie cake pan handed down from our sweet neighbor when we moved in last year).  Purple dress Barbie cake was for Dayla (her favorite color) and pink dress Barbie cake was for Ellie.

The cupcakes for everyone else. (This was my first time making homemade frosting for cupcakes..and I have to say…I am pretty proud with the way they turned out!)

The girls also excitedly talked about what presents they would get this year. We knew this day would come that they would get excited about the gifts, so we just encouraged gifts to be small. Dayla and Ellie were so thrilled for each little thing they opened…it was so sweet to watch!

I love their reactions here!


Ending with another picture of the birthday girls!

(The other big difference this year was no Yzzy. For the last 2 years we have had a joint birthday part with the 3 August birthday girls, but this year Yzzy moved to it was just Ellie and Dayla’s day. We miss you Kerns!)

Happy 4th Birthday to our sweet little girls!

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