Babymoon Day 1

Beth picked us up this morning at 4:30am sharp for our “Babymoon” vacation. Theoretically this will be the last vacation for a while with just the two of us. We will be spending 4 days in Victoria, Canada and 5 days in Seattle. Much of our Victoria time will be spent with Ginette’s family since her next oldest sister, Danielle, is getting married Saturday. I have my laptop and all my other toys with me so I will post as the mood strikes me.
Right now it is 2:30pm and I am sitting in our room at the Laurel Point Inn with a killer view of downtown Victoria. Here are my first keyword impressions of Canada: gray, wet, green, litre?, kilometer?, white people.
Everything is the same in Canada except for the little differences. Per Quentin, a good way to compare countries is to review their burgers. In the Canadian Red Robin I found they don’t put processed American cheese on their burgers. They top them with, you guessed it, processed Canadian cheese. Except for the name I can’t possibly imagine there is a difference.

Propellers? Really? They still use these?

View from our hotel balcony

Sleepy G

4 thoughts on “Babymoon Day 1”

  1. We’re so glad you have added us to your baby list.Suzanne sends monthly updates and we love them. We are nor able to be there with you all this weekend, but Jeff and Josie will and I know you will enjoy visiting with them. Love, Aunt Pat

  2. We were friends with a Canadian living in Texas when we lived there. Me and my girl friends made shirts that said “I gotta get me a Manada from Canada”. It was brilliant. That’s all.

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